Bbnaija: Adekunle and Venita dinner date goes south

There seem to be trouble in paradise in the AdeNita ship (Adekunle and Venita). Recall that last week Venita used hers and Adekunles moniepoint coins to purchase dinner for two. 

So after their wager loss last night, they got ready for the dinner. The other housemates seem quite excited for the couples.

But the atmosphere was not right as their conversations seem a little bit off for people that sleep on the same bed.

Could it be a FAKE SHIP like most of the other housemates and viewers are saying.

Well the the last straw that broke the camels back, was when Adekunle asked Venita if she will attend his child’s dedication. Venita did not take that well and she feels Adekunle embarrassed her on National TV.

The night did not end well as she went and was crying loudly in the bathroom and Angel came to be with her.

As the local saying goes “Las las, na everybody go chop breakfast”.

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