Security Expert tasks Buhari, Service chiefs on terrorism, backs State police

A Nigerian born American Security expert, Anthony Gasby Ayoh, has offered a solution to the ever-increasing security challenge in the country.

He has tasked the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government and the nation’s service chiefs to come up with new strategies to tackle insecurity in the country, urging security chiefs and community leaders to focus on information gathering.

Ayoh, who spoke in an interview with journalists on Friday stressed the importance of having an effective international collaboration as part of efforts to combat terrorism and kidnapping in the country.

He listed 24 hours security guard services, security consulting in terrorism and counter-terrorism, coast guard security services, government security, aviation security, border patrol services, private investigation services, oil, and gas/pipeline security services, maritime/port security as major services that can be introduced to curb insecurity.

He further suggested school security protection, close protection/investigation security, escort/patrol/protocol security, hotel/bank security/ crowd control/event security, law enforcement/security training, plaza/mall security services, security system/electronic CCTV/alarm installation, security vulnerability assessment, crisis management/ rapid response, journey management and supply of security safety gadgets as other services that could support existing security set up in the country.

His words, “In all respect, everybody should be worried. I don’t think things are going the way they are supposed to go. As a security professional, I am very concerned. Kidnapping is off the hook. It is very alarming. Some people don’t want to come home. Some of us that are home can’t even walk alone. We need security operatives to move around. The government should do something about it.

“I am concerned about the general security of the country. It is not just about Boko Haram. It is about your safety, my safety and the safety of our children. Specifically, it is about the safety of Nigerians. Anything can happen in the country.

“Information gathering is very important. In the United States, we can easily uncover crime without going to the database. Security operatives are not wizards. The communities give information to security operatives. Security operatives also get details from individuals on how to uncover crimes. We are not encouraging people to give information and even when you want to give information, who do you call? Do we have the 911 as we have in the United States? If we have the 911 in Nigeria, is it working? The government should equip security operatives. They need to be properly funded for them to be efficient.

“Are the security agencies well-funded in Nigeria? Do they have the tools to operate? This is the fifth year of Mr. President. He should do the needful. He should do the right thing at the right time. Mr. President should be specific on security matters. He must give security chiefs a deadline to address specific problems. People should be held responsible for the security lapses. Terrorism is a global issue. What type of intelligence do we have to combat terrorism? Are we collaborating with the Western countries? We need support in the area of information gathering. In the United States, they put things in place. Nigeria is in a comatose state. Kidnapping is now a way of life for some people. They see kidnapping as a way of getting easy money. There are stories of law enforcement officers collaborating with kidnappers.

“I am in support of state police. All they can do is to enact it into law. But governors must not have absolute power. In Nigeria, private security operators should carry arms. Laws should be enacted in this area. They should not give arms to all private security companies. They can give it to a few private security companies”.


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