Matthew Perry Dies at 54

Actor, Mathew Perry was a beautiful soul, a great comedian and he was loved by many he will surely be missed. He died on October 28 2023 at the age of 54.

He was known mostly for his role as Chandler Bing on FRIENDS the sitcom comedy.

Although there is still an ongoing investigation as to the cause of his death. But from indications he died in a Jacuzzi in his Los Angeles home and it may be from a cardiac arrest.

Perry’s acting career started quite early in the 90s and he appeared in quite a number of films.

However he is mostly remembered for his role in FRIENDS he had minor roles in films like home free and second chance.

He starred on Friends in 1994 and that elevated his career in acting. Friends lasted for 10 seasons (1994-2004) and viewers fell in love with his sacarsm and his funny approach to things.

After the show ended he appeared in other movies and shows.
Here is a list of prominent ones:
17 again
Mr sunshine
The good fight
Cougar night
Birds of America among others.

He also wrote a book where he talked about his life after FRIENDS which he titled FRIENDS LOVERS AND THE BIG TERRIBLE THING and his struggle with substance abuse.

Perry is a dynamic actor and he has proven that in all movies and shows he starred in. Although his death came as a shock he will be remembered for the joy and laugh he brought while he was alive

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