Poor Leadership bane of Nigerian politics – Peter Obi

Peter Obi Interview

Fresh from his visit to Kaduna as part of his presidential consultation across Nigeria, Peter Obi in an interview with Arise TV did not hold back his amazement at the huge potentials in the country called Nigeria; from good weather, human capital from huge population, arable land for all types of farming, crude oil and what have you.

Yet he lamented that bad leadership has been the bane of Nigeria’s progress as a nation as opposed to the idea that we are poor nation which one of the interviewers, Oseni Rufai, tried to posit.

Obi who had earlier asked PDP party delegates to grant him the opportunity to reposition Nigeria harped on the need for innovation in the system of governance. For example, he said even the so-called Yahoo-Yahoo boys we have in Nigeria today was also the case with India some years ago where young boys used their intellect to defraud people. But through government initiatives these boys are contributing immensely to the economy of India today.

Part of areas he plans to address once president includes; power, corruption, education. There’s nothing that should stop Nigeria from being a great nation if it gets it acts right.

“Enough of the politics of sharing money”.


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