10th NASS: Political Twist as Doguwa Exit speakership race, endorses Abbas

The APC Majority leader of the House of Representatives, Alhassan Doguwa exit speakership race.
Doguwa made this known on Wednesday night at a meeting with reps-elect at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, the News Chronicle learnt.
At the event, two other aspirants, Abubakar Maki and Olatunji Olawuyi also withdrew from the Speakership race.
Doguwa said he dropped his speakership ambition on the day the All Progressives Congress (APC) nominated Abbas and Kalu for the speaker and deputy speakership positions of the incoming house of representatives respectively.
According to Doguwa, Abbas is qualified and has the legislative experience to lead the 359 members of the house.
He said he withdrew from the race to support the party’s choice because he is a beneficiary of the zoning arrangement.
“Don’t imagine that my appearance here is by accident. For those of you who are thinking you’re daydreaming, you’re not daydreaming. This is reality,” Doguwa said.
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