“Your uncles will say you’re doing ashawo work,” Nigerian ladies share hilarious advantages and disadvantages of living alone

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The popular adage ‘anything that has advantage must have disadvantage’ has again been substantiated by some Nigerian ladies who have admitted that living alone has both merits and demerits.

This is coming after popular social media figure, Dr. Joe Abah @DrJoeAbah made a post on Twitter asking ladies to share the advantages and disadvantages of living alone.

Reacting to the post, some ladies stated that living alone has so many merits and demerits. Below are some of the comments:

@Ms_eMarjorie – Disadvantage: •lots of people will think low of you especially if you’re in the same city with family. That’s their business though

Advantages: •can move around naked, BLISS!!! •Makes you more independent and accountable. •Lots and lots of privacy. No monitoring spirits

@gladysanyanna Advantages: You are accountable to urself. Gives the feeling of independence. You become very handy with fixing things around the house. You enjoy peace and tranquility especially when u are not the outgoing type. You can walk naked & also sleep same snoring away like a goat

Disadvantage: You’re regarded as loose and sometimes referred to as a hoe. Guys always want to pay u a visit for reasons best known to them. You get tired of paying bills. You become overly independent and makes u somewhat bossy.

@NBillionaire – Number one disadvantage- even your uncles will say you’re doing ashawo work and you won’t marry on time -that no man will marry you if you live alone!!! Advantage- keeps you on your feet, pushes you to do better because the bills must be paid-no room for excuses

@Cheeckar – Advantages: Freedom, you can stay naked all day if you want to, you cook and eat whatever you like and whenever you like, you keep something at a spot and it remains there. Disadvantages: The bills and chores just keep waiting for you

@Shieniest_Wizard – Advantages include (but not limited to) freedom, peace of mind, roaming in your birthday suit, no curfew, independence, etc. Disadvantages; Loneliness, boredom, laziness, you’re tagged “hoe”, you inadvertently become a bit too self dependent. Did I already mention LONELINESS!?

@miliswap – Advantages: zero responsibilities. No worries is so so fed. Is that done? Having to ensure everyone is ok. The housework can always wait another day! Disadvantages: I recall in my single days driving myself to the hospital emergency rooms sick. That was the pits.

@sugarstick4life – Advantages: Independence. Responsibility. Total Control of time/Resources. Privacy/can walk around naked. Clean/cook at will. Man can visit me

Disadvantages: Prone to Depression. Unhealthy habits. Loneliness. Stress of zipping dresses. High risk of assault. Laziness. Emergency.

@Sanchicakes – Advantages: I have my sanity and I get to be in control of how I live in the house and what I eat too. Disadvantages: Some men will want to make your home their home, some will think you are indecent for living alone and unnecessary attention from some people.


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