You Must Not Be Strong Every time, It Is Okay to Break down and Here Is Why

You see, there are times I am so excited and energized. Like, my energy is so pumped up. I am excited about my dreams, my achievements, – I even go ahead motivating and encouraging people not go give up on their dreams. There are days I feel like this and there are days I am so wrapped up in sadness and worry. There is no vibe to do anything. I feel really numb. And one statement I usually make whenever I am in that mood is this, “Ann, this is just a phase and it will pass”.

This life is just a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes we feel amazing, other times we feel lost and sad. I know you have heard a lot of motivational speakers tell you how you should always stay happy and positive but the truth is that, it is not possible for someone to always be happy.

It is high time we get to realize that sadness is also part of life. Suffering is unavoidable. It’s an important part of life and part of being a human.

We all know this yet somewhere deep down our heart, we are scared to accept this idea. Because we think it will bring us more pain, we try as much as we can to avoid it. We struggle against it, trying to avoid suffering at all costs.

By trying to avoid the suffering, often we end up not confronting the truth and unfortunately that will always catch up with us.

There are many things we can avoid in life, many people we can escape if we choose to, but the one person we cannot escape is ourselves.

When we avoid fail to acknowledge some of these sad feelings, it is like taking paracetamol. We are numbing the pain to allow us to continue on, and while a slight headache or cold can be ridden out by painkillers, they won’t cure a liver infection or heal a broken limb. That requires acknowledging what is broken and taking the necessary steps to fix it. Initially more painful as you feel the pain in full, but once it’s fixed, it is actually fixed.

This is where the breakdown comes in. It is that overwhelming emotional tidal wave where you feel everything. Sometimes triggered by heartbreak, sometimes by a change at work, the breakdown is your heart’s way of saying enough. It isn’t pleasant, it isn’t fun at all. But it is worth going through, because by getting to rock bottom, you’re allowing yourself a full assessment of the ground you’re going to be rebuilding on. And in this rebuild lies an amazing opportunity to grow stronger, calmer, and more brilliant.

So, don’t try to avoid being broken. No matter how much you try to put away the emotions, it is going to catch up with you sooner or later. Like they always say, unexpressed emotions would always find its way back and this time around, it comes uglier.


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