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Why I married Ned Nwoko – Regina Daniels

1245 views | Irene Ogbanje | October 21, 2019

Why I married Ned Nwoko Regina Daniels
Why I married Ned Nwoko Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels, a popular Nollywood actress finally decided to speak out on reasons she married her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko.

The actress who declared her love openly on her 19th birthday in Dubai said, ”I have never wished for a better partner than him because he is all a woman needs. I fell in love with him because of his honesty and I love him honestly”.

The actress out rightly made it clear that she had made no mistake choosing her husband and does not need the public opinion on how to live her life. The young lady continued by saying that she has had better opportunities being married than when she was single. She stated that her life as a single girl was all about acting and schooling as compared to her present status where she is free to party and travel round the world.

Ned Nwoko similarly professed his love for his trophy wife, saying that he fell in love with her within three weeks and has never regretted his actions. He further stated that he has the most beautiful and adorable woman in the world as his treasured Wife. “She makes me happy and i am exceptionally proud of her”.


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