When I Discovered that ‘Human Rights Activism’ is a Divine Call!


‘Activism’ as defined by the Webster on-line dictionary, is ‘a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue’. The area or aspect of activism that this paper considers is the ‘human rights’ aspect, as there are several ‘activism’ such as: political activism, environmental activism, among others. There are some persons who just pick up human rights activism perhaps just for the benefits of it or due to financial or economic pressures of the country. However, to me, I find human rights activism as a divine call to service for humanity, hence this paper in order to in a way, correct some wrong notions surrounding the concept.

In my humble view but with due respect to any contrary view, I found the human rights activism as rather being a divine call to service, though, in the cause of the activism, there are lots of challenges as well as benefits. It is true that God Almighty so loving the world sends some persons to this world as his ‘VICEGERENT’ i.e. to deputise for Him. He chooses them as His Chosen Ones though, they might be few in numbers but mighty in strength and can do what a number of persons should do, as God Almighty is their strength.

A number of them exist in almost every generation. In fact, they might be just one for a generation and even as they grow from childhood, those gifted with wisdom and vision could identify them with their symbol written and glittering or shining like stars in the sky, even though they might not know themselves but God guides them to His intention and be their security. Though, they are not Prophets but are messengers of God on earth after the Prophets of God and His Messengers that were given the holy books. God has His purpose for everything that He does. Such divine call is a great honour from God Almighty.

So, anyone divinely called for such divine task has no option than to obey the commandment of God Almighty. That is why in my humble view, those who are not divinely called but pretend to have been called might have no connection between them and God Almighty for forcing themselves and pretending to have been called. Those who are divinely called are closer to God Almighty than can be imagined. That is why when I considered my journey in life and the accompanying challenges, including my decisions in life, I discovered that indeed, I have been called by God Almighty as one of His Chosen Ones to champion the cause of human rights activism and then I knew that I have been saddled with great responsibilities divinely. However, I know definitely that whoever that God Almighty sends with His messages are protected and equipped by Him, no matter the situation.

In fact, many times, they might rise from nowhere to somewhere great, that they are not suspected or discovered by people till their divine messages become manifest. Even sometime, their life might be full of torture, challenges and might live a situation that some might find unbearable. For instance, I could remember in my childhood, many inspirations had occurred to me in my dreams and in real life, but which I could not understand.

I asked some persons around me but they were not gifted by God to be able to interpret my dreams to me, perhaps, because, it was in God’s plan that it was not yet time to actually discover the message. I had no one to pay my primary school fees after my primary school completion, so had to be out of school for two years. This two years was full of traumatic experiences for me but God has always been helpful by providing me way-out  whenever required. So, had to engage in selling ‘iced-water and other menial jobs’ in the streets of Abeokuta, Ogun State, at age 12,  before making my way to my State, Lagos State.

Then, I got admission back to the Junior Secondary School and God brought me close to those who would share my pains. I had to be responsible for my education, myself, with determination! Why and how? I did not understand! So, after my Senior Secondary School, I was made to remain out of school again and this time for another three years. Within these three years, I was made to be mentored and taught by some few intelligentsia in the society.

They explained some secrets of this life to me. They informed me of what the future has in package for me. It was like a divine interpretation and message to me then, though, they speak normally and naturally without consulting any voodoo. And when they spoke, I would follow in the spirit. Then, God also guided me towards religious principles and made way easy for me to excel in Islamic school and bestowed on me the knowledge to understand His Islamic laws with clear interpretations and meanings. So, when I was able to pass through these stages, God Almighty having decided to then perfect His intention on me, He made me to return back to the tertiary institution with one of my results that I had believed was not sufficient for me to gain admission about two years past.

That year, my admission was secure. My tertiary institution changed its requirements for admission which made me to be a beneficiary. I got admission into the law faculty and God also made it easier for me to study Islamic Personal Law. God was able to resolve the financial challenges of studying the law programme by raising an unknown philanthropist who sponsored my law programme from the admission fees till law school fees when I got called to bar as a legal practitioner. God considered me for some scholarships in undergraduate too, which made it easier for me to study. I could remember that I went to my tertiary institution upon admission, with no particular place to reside and God did not disappoint me as He sent a man to me immediately I entered the school campus who took care of me in feeding and shelter for my first year  and gave me accommodation where I resided till I graduated! I can not thank these many people whom God has used to impact in my life, indeed! I pray God Almighty will continue to reward them with abundant good!

Then, when I finished my law programme and upon my National Youth Service Corps-herein after referred to as NYSC-, God made me to be in the Legal Aid Community Development Service as an Assistant Director 1 of Litigation. In my service, I was able to carry out personal community development service project, which I was able to complete in less than four months and I was awarded the FCT-Minister’ Award of Honour, at the passing out parade in the NYSC. I was not offered any job. I got a law firm to work as an associate for just two months and one week, then, the message from God came to me that I should resign and to establish my own office. I myself could not explain why I resigned! Then, God Himself located an office for me where I practice till date. Then, I placed some name to register my law office with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Of the names that I suggested, it was the one that was least expected by me that was approved ‘THE VICEGERENT LEGAL CONSULT’.

How I came about that name still remains a surprise to me till date. Then, in 2016, I got a call unknowingly to proceed to Saudi-Arabia to perform the Islamic Holy Pilgrimage, where God used some men of intellect to explain all the dark side and unclear experiences and dreams in my life to alert me that I have been indeed chosen for His work as a ‘Human Rights Activist’! It was then that I discovered who I am ‘THE VICEGERENT OF GOD ON EARTH AND A HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST DIVINELY CHOSEN’! And God has always made my human rights activism easy for me and I thank Him! Some persons have disliked me and wondered why I chose to fight for humanity. I use this medium to explain to them that that decision is not my decision but that of God Almighty and I have no choice than to obey! I require their understanding and support for me to be able to achieve the goal of God Almighty!

Therefore and finally, I hope the reader would have gained one thing or the other from this paper and why I am a human rights activist. I was only made THE VICEGERENT OF GOD AND A HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST! I am happy and pleased with this divine honour!

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