What you must do before asking God to “carry you to your husband’s house” – Omokri tells Women

Popular Nigerian Table Shaker, Reno Omokri has reeled out what women must do before they think of getting married.

Omokri’s counsel is coming on the heels of the trend by women who are singing and asking God to “Carry me dey go my husband house”.

In a post on Facebook, the former presidential aide said women should ensue they have a job or business before they look for a husband.

He wrote:

Dear single women,

You are singing ‘Carry me dey go my husband house’. Yet, you have no job, or business, or skills. And your family have prepared a wicked list of what any potential husband must buy and pay. Your lifestyle and culture are working against your prayers!

You are not a commodity that a man should pay for through his nose. You should not be a liability that goes to his house to consume and even syphon his wealth to your father’s house. You are meant to be his partner. Until you realise that, nobody may ‘Carry you dey go your husband house’

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