What President Putin Said About Tech Mogul, Elon Musk

What President Putin Said About Tech Mogul, Elon Musk
Russian President Vladimir Putin has lauded Tesla founder and Neuralink-creator Elon Musk, asserting that there is no stopping the influential tech mogul. He gave the accolades in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Thursday evening.
Putin went on to suggest the importance of finding common ground with Musk and formalizing processes related to technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Expressing his concerns about the potential threats arising from genetic research, Putin raised the alarm on the possibility of creating specialized superhumans through advancements like microchip implants in the human brain, a feat reportedly achieved by Musk’s Neuralink.
Drawing historical parallels, Putin likened the development of AI to past existential threats such as nuclear weapons and gunpowder. He stressed the inevitability of ongoing research in genetics and AI, emphasizing the need for international agreements to regulate and control the unbridled progress in these fields.
He said that “It is impossible to stop research in genetics or AI today, just as it was impossible to stop the use of gunpowder back in the day.
“But as soon as we realize that the threat comes from unbridled and uncontrolled development of AI or genetics or any other field, the time will come to reach an international agreement on how to regulate these things.”
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