WFP: South Sudan To Face Hunger Crisis

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) has warned on Friday that more than 70 percent of South Sudan’s population is yet to face its worst hunger crisis and a climate-related disaster deepened in food scarcity.

Since her independence in 2011, Sudan has been in series of economic and political crisis and is struggling to recover from a five-year civil war that almost took the lives of over 400,00 people.

While the world’s focus points to Ukraine, an unforeseen hunger wind is about to sweep South Sudan with about 8.3 million people including refugees with extreme hunger in the coming months – WFP says in a statement.

See statement below

‘’As climate disasters and violence force tens of thousands of people to flee their homes and abandoned their livelihoods, many South Sudanese have already been pushed to the brink and could starve without food assistance.’’

‘’the extent and depth of this crisis is unsettling. We’re seeing people across the country have exhausted all their available options to make ends meet and now they are left with nothing’’ said Adeyinka Badejo the WFP’s deputy country director in south Sudan.

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