Wetin dey happen show – Heartbreak series

On today’s episode on the ‘Wetin dey happen talk show’, our hosts handled the matter of Breakfast, I know you must be wondering what type of topic that is, but I promise you it’s not what you think.  This Breakfast is not the type served or taken in the morning, but the type of breakfast people in relationships serve their partners – Heartbreak. The conversation which was titled ‘It’s breakfast time – have you been served?’ was anchored by Miss Nanya, Miss Jennifer and Miss Karga.

During the conversation, Miss Nanya shared a story of a lady who was in a supposed serious relationship with her boyfriend with hopes their relationship was heading somewhere. She narrated that the relationship had lasted for years which gave the lady room to trust her partner. Unfortunately, her boyfriend while dating her planned his wedding with another lady and eventually got married. His girlfriend found out on Facebook when his pictures emerged online as friends posted and congratulated him.

While analyzing the story, Miss Nanya asked her co-anchors their takes on the story. To watch video, click on the link below …


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