Watch out, the Ides of 28th February!

Nigeria On The Brink Of Collapse:

Beware the ides of March was a popular phrase in the famous and award winning book Julius Caesar. There is nobody that read that book that wouldn’t know this saying. It was a warning to watch out for betrayal or misfortune. It’s often used in political contexts. The term ides of March refers to March 15—the day on which Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 b.c.e. For this reason, it has become associated with bad omens, betrayal, and misfortune.

Standing on the existing right for poetic licence I deconstruct ides and reconstruct it to mean not something misfortune, bad omen, betrayal etc to something glorious, exhilarating, eureka and profoundly mind blowing.

I have since yesterday when the first day of Feb dawned became conscious of this month and what it brings, holds and gives. A lot comes with it, only those who are violent in spirit takes that which brings eureka to their spirit. I have taken victory from its pack. From the first day of this month to its last day the song Ada Ehi “Open Door” resonates with my spirit and will become my signature tune

*Na nmeri oh, na nmeri oh, na nmeri oh

Na nmeri oh, na nmeri oh, na nmeri oh

Forever and a day, eh-eh, ei

Forever and a day and a day

Victory, victory

O putaram open doors

Na nmeri oh

According to Your word, oh

O putaram open doors

I’m singing my song

Victory ! Victory omeperem open door

February isn’t bringing anything but victory and open doors.

Watch out the ides of 28th February this song of Ada Ehi will rend the air! The atmosphere will be charged, the Angels in their resplendent attires, shining and glowing in white, dazzling to the eyes with their trumpet blasting victory! Victory! O putaram open door as the 24 elders continue to bow before God for liberating Nigeria from the chains and shackles of bad leadership regimes.

28th of February a new dawn loads. A new Sheriff will be unveiled , joy and dance , happiness and ecstacy moving like a mighty wind for those in darkness have seen the light.

28th February this year makes it 10 years Late Pope Benedict XVI resigned. 28th of February has been making history. This year’ 28th February comes with great packages.

February 28

2013 Pope Benedict XVI resigns

The pope whose birth name is Joseph Ratzinger was the first leader of the Catholic Church to resign since 1415.

1991 The first Gulf War ends

1986 Swedish prime minister Olof Palme is assassinated


A London underground train crashes into the end of the tunnel at Moorgate station

1935 Nylon is invented

1953 Paul Krugman

American economist, Nobel Prize laureate was born

1948 Bernadette Peters

American actress, singer, author was born

1929 Frank Gehry

Canadian/American architect, designed 8 Spruce Street, Walt Disney Concert Hall was born

1901 Linus Pauling

American chemist, activist, Nobel Prize laureate was born

1894 Ben Hecht

American screenwriter, director, producer was born

28th … Sam Umoh was born too

28th February 2023 a better Nigeria dawns

2009 Paul Harvey

American radio host died

2007 Billy Thorpe

English/Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer died

1977 Eddie Anderson

American actor died

1925 Friedrich Ebert

German politician, 1st President of Germany died

1916 Henry James

American/English author died

2023 bad leadership regime in Nigeria dies.

Watch out the ides of 28th February 2023. I don’t know what you see. There are many things throwing their presence at you, trying to get your attention and hold your thoughts bound. There are thoughts in doubting format trying to make your mind weak and feeble.

What do you see? 25th of Feb the journey for a better Nigeria begins and ends on the 28th. Who are you seeing? Who do you think gets the crown? Who will sit on that royal seat of the Commander in Chief of the arm forces?

Today is 2nd Feb. Each day brings the day closer. Each day that passes makes the ides of 28th of February a reality waiting for time to manifest.

Let not your mind be troubled. Just be Obident in the use of your PVC and 28th of February will be our eureka, a day of liberation and deliverance , ushering the suffering Nigerians into a new era .

Watch the ides of 28th February and pray until it dawns in our favor .

Let me be bold and prophetic. Let me be positive and patriotic. Let me in the spirit of utilitarianism ( the greatest good for the greatest people) declare that 28th of February 2023 Mr . Peter Gregory Obi will be declared the winner of 2023 presidential election.

Go mark it on your diary! I have seen the day ! Joy unimaginable will be the very song of Nigerians.



Jarlath Opara

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