BBN Double Eviction

Uninspired housemates lose their wager in Big Brother All Stars

It came with no surprise when biggie announced that the housemates lost their wager task.

Recall that last week was a big one for them because they won their wager and there was food supply.

Similar to last weeks wager task presentation they also had judges from the previous seasons.

This week judges were: Hermes from the level up season.

Ahneeka from double wahala and Queen from shine ya eyes.

The theme for this weeks wager was local Olympic, according to big brother the housemates are to create new games from their childhood and they will be judged based on how they presented it.

The housemates did discuss and some even suggested the typical games such as sack race, egg on spoon, police and thief and so on.

Brainstorming and practicing the games brought back a lot of memories for some of the housemates however, they did not win the wager even with all the preparations.

The judges even scored them 12

With Ahneeka scoring them 4, Hermes 3 and Queen 5 that’s a total of 12 points which was enough to pass however this was overturned by Biggie. According to Biggie they did not follow his instructions which was to create new games from their childhood rather they modified games and so they lost their wager for the week.

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