UK Teacher banned Joshua Sutcliffe

UK Teacher banned from the profession for denouncing the LGBTQ Agenda

A UK Christian mathematics teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe has been fired from his job for ‘bringing the profession into disrepute’ by refusing to address a boy who identified as a female ‘correctly.’

A Teaching Regulation Authority (TRA) professional conduct panel has, with the backing of Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, ruled that Joshua Sutcliffe was guilty of unprofessional conduct and has banned him from teaching in any capacity for at least two years and potentially indefinitely.

Joshua, who has a two-year-old child and will lose significant earning capacity as a result of the decision, will appeal with the support of the Christian Legal Centre.

The apologists of the LGBTQ agenda are indeed very mean souls. They don’t care that the well-being of a 2-year-old child is at great risk. The child may very well starve to death for all they care.

Teachers are now being persecuted in the UK in the most virulent of manners for their comments on gay rights both in and outside the classroom.

The entire LGBTQ agenda is a grave assault on the most wonderful gift of man after that of life – free speech. The right to freedom of speech was fought for and watered with blood; it didn’t come cheap at all.

British Writer Eric Blair a.k.a George Orwell wrote the seminal piece of the oeuvre ‘1984’ where the popular term ‘Big Brother’ was first used. Children are now taught to spy on and report anti-gay comments of their parents to the authorities who may on those asinine grounds yank off custody of them and send them to foster homes which will in no minuscule measure further confuse these impressionable and extremely vulnerable children.

What do you make out of the surreptitious agenda to recruit some African teachers including Nigerians to teach the gay rights agenda to children?

From September this year, all primary schools in the British Isles will compulsorily teach the LGBTQ agenda, and then before then the UK government – ironically an immigrant-unfriendly one issued a circular requesting the services of some African teachers including those from Nigeria to teach in the UK.

Do you expect teachers who sold all they possessed to jump on the next available flight to Heathrow will suddenly resign from their jobs and run back to the ‘shithole’ simply because they have to teach the gay rights agenda? They will simply waive it off with a shrug of the shoulder and even teach overtime as well as do extramural to earn more money or bucks.

African leaders must be patriotic and nationalist to fix this wonderful continent so that living abroad including in the UK wouldn’t be a matter of compulsion. A decent life will be available locally and the Middle Class can once more be sturdily strengthened so that prosperity can flow.

Imagine having to censor your anti-gay rights views simply because you don’t want to jeopardize your visa, job, or educational chances in the liberal UK! There have been well-documented cases of some Nigerians who were denied visas to the UK because of their anti-gay rights views. What sort of a world is this where freedom of speech is denied in the name of ‘diversity and inclusiveness!’

Christians have the inalienable right to object to the gay rights agenda on Christian grounds as the religion strongly frowns against the abominable practice. The bullying by the left is nauseatingly disgusting. They play the victim card by portraying themselves as being sexual minority victims in need of protection from persecution by ‘homophobes.’ We gave them an inch now that have a mile.

Enough of this hocus-pocus!

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