UCL: Welcome to Anfield! – Klopp boast

After the one nil defeat of Liverpool by Athletico Madrid in the Round of 16 first leg, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, is optimistic about his side’s chances to turn the table in the second leg at Anfield.

In a post-match interview, Klopp boasted that so far his eleven players were available; the team will turn the deficit.

Hear him: “I saw much worse games in my life but it was absolutely okay, I would say we were not good enough in the last third. I didn’t expect that they would have roughly 70% possession. We were not surprised that they will be one- nil and they have all the best moments and so you try to defend with all you have, that’s what they did.  It was obviously okay, I respect that a lot. But what can I say… its only one nil. We don’t think it will be easy, not at all… We have to see who we can line up. As long as we can get 11 players in Liverpool shirt, we would try and win all we have; therefore, all Liverpool fans can get tickets for the game, welcome to Anfield!”, he stated.

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