Trending Today: Media Highlights!

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Good morning! In today’s trending news stories;

1. The Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, on Sunday emphasized the importance of unity and diversity for Nigeria’s development during a visit to Governor Sanwo-Olu. He praised the country’s diversity and urged Nigerians to live together harmoniously. The Oba congratulated President Tinubu and Governor Sanwo-Olu, expressing confidence in Tinubu’s leadership. Governor Sanwo-Olu thanked the Oba, discussed economic progress in Lagos, and highlighted efforts to preserve Yoruba culture.

2. United Nigeria Airlines on Sunday, 26th November 2023, temporarily diverted its Lagos-Abuja flight to Asaba due to poor weather conditions. Passengers experienced confusion when the cabin crew mistakenly announced their arrival in Abuja. A user on social media suggested that the pilot received the wrong flight plan from Lagos. However, the airline clarified that the diversion was due to poor weather, and the pilot was aware. The flight later landed safely in Abuja after the weather conditions improved.

3. Sierra Leone imposed a nationwide curfew due to be lifted at 06:00 (GMT) on Monday after armed men broke into prisons, releasing inmates from “major” facilities on Sunday morning. President Julius Maada Bio stated that most leaders behind the attack had been arrested, addressing the events as a security breach but avoiding the term “coup.” The political situation in Sierra Leone has been tense since President Bio’s disputed re-election in June. The curfew was implemented immediately after the attack, with residents advised to stay indoors, and flights were canceled. Soldiers were seen in Freetown, and videos on social media showed people fleeing prisons. The international community, including the US, EU, UK, and Ecowas, has condemned the violence.

4. Bruno Fernandes explained why he handed penalty duties to Marcus Rashford during Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Everton to boost Rashford’s confidence. Fernandes, the usual penalty taker, believed Rashford needed a goal and was confident in Rashford’s ability to score. The decision aimed to support Rashford’s performance and help him regain confidence, especially after he successfully converted the penalty.

5. As of today, on the third day of the truce, Hamas has released 17 more hostages, bringing the total to 40 out of the agreed-upon 50. The Israeli military confirmed the releases and is evaluating the list of additional hostages set to be released. Additionally, Hamas is seeking to extend the truce, indicating a willingness to prolong it for serious efforts to increase the number of Palestinian detainees released from Israel. So far, 117 Palestinian prisoners have been freed by Israel, in exchange for the released Israeli hostages released. The current agreement aims for a total of 150 prisoners and 50 hostages freed by the end of the day, with the possibility of extending the truce for every additional 10 hostages released. Joe Biden expresses hope for the truce’s continuation as hostages are being released. Qatar and Egypt are pushing for an extension, while Qatari diplomats in Gaza oversee aid delivery.

6. Aliko Dangote, the President/CEO of Dangote Group, announced that the $20 billion Dangote refinery in Lekki, Lagos, will commence operations by refining 350,000 barrels per day of crude oil. He mentioned a deal for the delivery of six million barrels in December 2023 and expressed confidence in reaching the full capacity of 650,000 barrels per day by the end of 2024. Dangote criticized the delay and cost overruns but emphasized the refinery’s potential to save Nigeria billions in foreign exchange. Despite allegations and challenges, including a reported dispute with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dangote remains optimistic about the refinery’s success and envisions it being listed as a separate company on the Lagos Stock Exchange.

7. Rev. Fr. Nwaigwe Stephen, a Catholic Priest in Anambra State, has been remanded in prison until December 6, 2023, for allegedly raping and impregnating a teenager. The priest, expelled by a religious congregation in 2018, is accused of forcefully taking the pregnant minor to Benin City, where she gave birth, but the baby’s whereabouts are unknown. The victim, who claimed the priest promised to sponsor her education, stated in court that she was sexually abused from the age of 14 until she became pregnant at 17. The court, recognizing the severity of the offense, refused bail, emphasizing that the case involves an offense punishable with life imprisonment, expressing concern about the increasing prevalence of rape against minors.


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