Trending Today: Media Highlights!

Tinubu Nigeria

Hello and welcome! In today’s trending news stories;

1. The NNPP (New Nigeria Peoples Party) has responded to Atiku Abubakar’s call for opposition parties to merge. The NNPP stated that it will only consider Atiku’s merger proposition if he supports Rabiu Kwankwaso to become Nigeria’s president in 2027. The party believes that teaming up with Kwankwaso is essential for Atiku to maintain political relevance.

2. The Nigerian Navy’s Operation Water Guard has discovered multiple illegal depots with thousands of filled and empty jerry cans of Premium Motor Spirit in Badagry and along the Nigerian-Benin Republic boundary. The discovery, aided by electro-optic facilities and air assets on November 15, 2023, revealed illicit storage in schools, houses, and recreational centers. Rear Admiral MB Hassan expressed concern about potential hazards and urged regulatory bodies to review petrol station operations in these areas.

3. TikTok has removed the hashtag #lettertoamerica from its search function after videos discussing Osama bin Laden’s 2002 “Letter to America” went viral on the platform. The letter, which condemns U.S. involvement in conflicts and criticizes support for Israel, prompted discussions about American foreign policy in the Middle East. TikTok users shared The Guardian’s transcript of the letter, leading to its removal from The Guardian’s website. The platform faced criticism for allowing the spread of content that some argue supports terrorism. TikTok stated that videos featuring the letter violate its community guidelines, and it has been actively removing such content. The discussion also gained traction on other platforms like X, YouTube, and Instagram.

4. Amnesty International has criticized Qatar and FIFA for alleged stalled progress in workers’ rights related to the 2022 World Cup. While Qatar and FIFA claimed significant reforms, Amnesty International emphasized ongoing issues such as abuses and weak enforcement. Controversies over reported migrant worker deaths and concerns about labor reform implementation persisted. Calls for action included addressing illegal recruitment fees and unpaid wages. The Qatari government defended its labor reforms, emphasizing achievements, while FIFA acknowledged progress but recognized the need for heightened efforts.

5. American rap artist Sean “Diddy” Combs is facing serious accusations of rape and sex trafficking from his ex-girlfriend, singer Casandra Ventura, who performs under the stage name Cassie. According she had faced a decade-long cycle of abuse and violence, including rape and physical assault. Combs denies the allegations, claiming Ventura is attempting to extort him. Combs’ lawyer rejected the claims, accusing Ventura of demanding $30 million under the threat of writing a damaging book.

6. There has been confusion and shock among Nigerians as rapper Oladips was reported dead by his management, citing a two-year battle with personal demons. Contrary to the report, Nigerian musician Qdot and other friends of the artist later announced on Instagram that Oladips was alive and well. This sparked mixed reactions online, with some expressing relief and others questioning the authenticity of the news.

7. American rapper Snoop Dogg, known for his association with marijuana, has announced on social media that he is giving up smoking without specifying the type of smoke. Fans reacted with surprise and humor, speculating on possible reasons for his decision, such as health concerns or a shift to edibles. The announcement came shortly after he and Martha Stewart released a line of ‘Best Bud Bags,’ which include a compartment for weed.


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