Tiwa Savage: The Blackmail And Faux Pax

Tiwa Savage's headline arena London show suffers setback

The sextortion news about Tiwa Savage sent sympathy down the spine. If anyone should get blackmailed for their leaked nudes, it shouldn’t be Tiwa – a Queen who had severally used her talent and platform to speak against ills in the society. The #wearetired hashtag she initiated in the spring of 2020 strongly vent frustration at the rape and sextortion ladies face on daily. Only Jamil’s Mother would go on to liase with the Lagos State Police Commissioner to roll out numbers rape and sextortion victims could call in times of distress. Who would further offer legal aid to rape and sextortion victims with her hard-earned money? Only Queen Tiwa Savage did!

Getting bitten from the same venom she once tried to fritter disperses the twist of luck. Withal, I’m glad she braced up to bear the brunt of her costly mistake – recording a sex moment with her lover – and that of her lover who had mistakenly uploaded it on Snapchat but deleted it almost immediately, not knowing a blackmailer had gotten access to it.

All thanks to the “Waka” legendary singer, Madam Salawa Abeni who had made a path for Tiwa Savage and other victims of blackmailing to tread, when she exposed a  blackmailer who threatened to release her nude earlier this year. Lagos State Police could not be commended enough for a job well done to have tracked the blackmailer and sit his “a.ss” in cell. That Tiwa had summoned courage to follow suit speaks high of her courage. No lazy blackmailer should make fortune off any lady, although the latter are advised to be cautious in their actions; recording a sex moment with one’s loved one, regardless of the affection and trust is one of the SILLIEST thing to do.

Well, I was getting over-emotional with the incidence considering my love and regard for Tiwa, but then the other part of me sets in an intuition that Tiwa’s outcry could be a PR strategy to promote a coming Musical work like the controversial Salle’s. If this is in anyway right, I would advise Tiwa to jostle the idea. You need not to go so dirty to promote any of your works, dear Tiwa. No dirty PR stunt helped when you mouth-wateringly became the first female artiste to:

– sell out the London indigo 02 in 2018

– win Best African act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards

– get signed to Roc Nation in 2016.

Queen Tiwa, you have come so far for unnecessary stunt, you still fetch fat figures across streaming platforms; Celia’s Album made a giant appearance on Billboard World Chart. Water and Garri still makes wave across the charts. Stooping so low to promote your works would leave scars in the hearts of your true ones. Have you sat and thought of who would consistently preach happiness to Jamil when he grows to see his Mother’s nude all over the internet? Have you gave the stickers and memes your nudes could turn to a second thought? Your loved ones like myself would loathe to see this and eventually lose interest in your works. Hardwork and Talent have pushed you thus far, it’s too late to spoil some of the good legacies you’ve laid, Tiwa.

If my intuition is however wrong, that nemesis catch up with the blackmailer sooner than we expect remains my big hope. Regardless, remain strong and positive, “my darling”. No blackmailer can make your glory a “ONCE UPON A TIME”.

Hashim Yussuf Amao, Ibadan

IG: @_legalbard


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