Three Feelings That Most Of Us Usually Mistake For Love

You see, love is a mystery. It is one thing I know that can’t be explained no matter how much we try too. It is elusive and looks different for everyone. Some people claim you’ll just know when it happens. There will be no doubt in your mind. But people still leave relationships and realize they weren’t actually in love. They simply mistook a different feeling for what they think love must feel like.

Even though there is no way we can really explain what love is, there is still room to give instances you might mistake for love. Keep on reading to find out more;

  1. Great Sex

Most people believe that the most profound emotional connection we can have with someone is when they are naked in bed with someone and getting it on. But this is just one tiny element in a relationship.  Great sex doesn’t equate love. So, if you just met this person and you just hit it off by having a great time in the other room, don’t be quick to call whatever you are feeling “Love”.

  1. Someone Being Nice to You

If you are used to dating horrible ladies or guys and then finally you meet this one person that is super nice to you; treats you like you mean the world to them unlike your former pattern, chances are that you will start to have this connection with them. No, that’s not love. You just like the way they treat you.

  1. The feeling of neediness

In many situations, love can also be mistaken for neediness, which is the emotional need to have someone in our lives.

When we spend a long time alone, we feel the need and the will to have someone by our side to share life, whether in good or bad times. And when meeting someone who arouses our interest, we may find that we have affection for that person.

However, just finding an interesting person does not mean that we are ready to plunge into a loving relationship. It is of vital importance to know how to identify these feelings in our lives.

Honestly, love is a mystery but a beautiful one to experience. When found, like any relationship, it requires care and intentional work to keep it flourishing. Just be sure that what you have is love, first.

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