Those of you who send boob nudes, change it and send buttocks – Rapper tells ‘crazy’ female fans

362 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 20, 2021

In a deep revelation that has stirred up controversies in the public domain, Ghanaian rapper, Tulenkey has disclosed that he has 59 ex-girlfriends.

The rapper reportedly unearthed the development during a conversation with

When quizzed on how he is managing his fame with girls who crave his attention and go the nautical mile to get it, the ‘Proud Fvck Boys’ rapper revealed that some girls send him nude videos and photos but he takes all that as part of the job.

He said “Some send me nudes, they send me some kind pictures. They want to distract the boy but how do we do it? It is all part of the job, they usually send me their breasts but me too I am not a fan of breasts“.

Tulenkey, in a firm message to his nude content suppliers, emphasized that “so those of you who send that, please change it and send buttocks that is what I like“.

Delineating on his shocking experience of how far a female fan has gone crazy for him, he said a girl attempted to open his flap to access his ‘meat thermometer’ whilst she was giving him a lap dance in Kumasi.



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