There’s no more COVID-19 in NIGERIA – Honorable Adebanjo Tells Gbajabiamila

During a plenary session at the lower legislative chamber On Thursday, March 10, a member of House of Representative, Honorable Olufemi Adebanjo stressed that the deadly Coronavirus no longer exists in Nigeria, therefore telling Nigerians not to bother wearing face masks. He furthered expressed that the use of face mask has been overbearing stating that he had not heard of any Coronavirus cases in Nigeria or in other countries in the past 90 days.

According to Adebanjo whose assertions states that Nigeria is COVID-19 free however goes contrary to the report of the country’s health agency Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

It was also gathered that statistics of the NCDC shows that no fewer than 84 new cases were recorded on Thursday, March 10.

Honorable Adebanjo continued in his lamentation to state that the use of facemasks regularly causes more harm than good.

He says:

‘’It affects our respiratory system and our lungs. So there is no more COVID19 in Nigeria, there are no more COVID19 abroad’’

In response to his assertions, the deputy speaker, Idris Wase who presided over the plenary however said that the legislative decision will be made to decide if the use of facemask will be curbed in the country.

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