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There has to be an increase in use of Geographic Information System by Nigerians – Busayo Olowoyeye

TNC: First, we would like to say thank you for honoring our invitation. We all know it is not easy to set up a business and run it successfully. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your company: what does it do? Why did you venture into that line of business? How has it been so far? Tell us about the company’s growth trajectory,

Busayo: Good morning, my name is Olowoyeye Busayo, a graduate of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems from the Federal University of Akure. The name of our company is Indigo Geospatial Technology, or IGT in its short form, a Geographic Information System company that uses the power of longitude and latitude to identify the location of your vehicles. Basically, IGT is a Geographical Informations System firm that deals mainly on vehicles tracking as the leading product and services that it offers. Other things we do in the company are Network Analysis, Geographic Data Collection, Health Mapping on diseases outbreaks, Drone Mapping, Satellite Imagery Collection and lots more.

TNC: Please tell us about what keeps you motivated and focused on your organization – despite the inevitable odds that anyone or any business like yours faces along the way. What are the peculiar challenges you face you in your line of business? What are some of the glorious moments of the organisation?

Busayo: Optimum security has been and will always be a major problem in Nigeria. A lot of big companies are known today because of the profound solutions they are offering to citizens and people around the world like Twitter, Discord, and Tiktok. We ventured into this line of business because we are able to identify a problem and know how to solve it. The problem is the ability to know the location of your vehicle without being with it; the solution it offers is that it saves you from car hijackers for easy retrieval of your vehicles; you will know where someone is taking your vehicles to and for companies, you will know the coverage area of your business.

Well, we from IGT believe that as much as we have the good side, the bad side also exists. Growing IGT has come with a lot of ups and downs that we have to comprehend, interact with, and compare in order to provide an extensive and optimum solution. It has never been an easy ride since we started due to the economic factors and logistics challenges within the nation, but overall, it has been more than interesting and great so far.

The love we have for Geographic Information Systems keeps us fully motivated, knowing that you can provide a wide range of solutions with anything that has both longitude and latitude. The most interesting part is the profound solution we are offering, and we are looking forward to how far we can be known all over the nation for offering a distinctive tracking service. We have always had a hold of what we can use GIS to solve, and boom, at the end, we came up with something very realistic and factual. We love what we do, we love GIS, and we are offering a service to the citizen and to the nation at large. This has kept us fully motivated.

One of the challenges we have faced over time is the problem of logistics and customer locations. The problem of logistics is in terms of moving and ordering our tracking device from one place to another in order for our engineers to get hold of it, and the problem of customer locations is that when we go to our customers for installation of trackers, some customers don’t give precise addresses, which makes this a really difficult challenge for our engineers and time-consuming for them as well.

One of our glorious moments is when customers give good feedback on how friendly our mobile app is and how easy it is to track and know the location of their vehicle from their phone.

TNC: What makes you stand out from other GIS firms?

Busayo: What makes us stand out from other GIS firms is that most GIS firms deal with the analysis of geographic information system data to generate the result and give adequate information, but we are different because we have a precise product and service we are offering, and moreover, we are making people realize the power of location intelligence.

Well, it has been an amazing journey so far, ever since we started IGT, alongside my partners. There have been a lot of ups and downs and challenges, but that is normal for any kind of business that needs growth and implementation, especially when they are on the edge of forging ahead and moving forward. What we do differently is offer our clients a report of vehicle performance at the end of the month, which most vehicle tracking companies do not. We also use GIS software to analyze the coverage area of vehicles. This is quite useful for logistics companies and companies that are in the production of certain goods. This will help such companies figure out where their goods have reached and where they have not. We also work hand in hand with security officials to help in the retrieval of vehicles in cases of theft.

TNC: In your opinion, how will you access the ease of establishing companies, businesses, charities and the likes in Nigeria? How can the government do better, as well as individuals and private organisations?  

Busayo: To be honest, accessing the ease of establishing a company in Nigeria boils down to your Capital, it is quite easy to get a lot of things running once you have enough liquidity on the ground, but overall I will give it a 50 percent out of a 100 scale, the government can do better by creating a platform whereby young Nigerians tends to come and showcase what they do and how is of a great benefit and contributing to the development of our great Nation, Individual and Private organization can also work together and make collaboration, it all as to be built on love and not competition, we got over 200 million population, so you will surely meet your customer targets if you set things rights.


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