The World Without A Class Captain

Another Interregnum, Another 30 Years?
Tim Akano

The Prologue

“China should immediately expand its stock of nuclear warheads to 1,000. We love peace and promise not to use nuclear weapons first, but we need a bigger nuclear arsenal to suppress America’s strategic ambition and impulse against China.

The stockpile should include at least 100 D.F. 41 strategic missiles capable of striking the continental US. Don’t think the nuclear warheads are useless during peacetime, we are using them, everyone, silently, to shape the attitudes of American elites towards China…… China needed to be ready for armed confrontation- and for war…’’

Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief, Global Times, the Official Newspaper of China Communist Party, May 8th 2020

“We are now the Leader in Space. Space is going to be the future both in terms of defence and offence and so many other things. The American hypersonic super-duper missiles under development is going to be 17 times faster than the ones in the hands of our adversaries’’
President Donald Trump, 15th May 2020

Come, let us reason together.
You are among the 193 passengers seated on Airbus A380 international flight involved in rock-like turbulence. For comfort, you are expecting the usual information from the aeroplane radio chatter – that measured, therapeutic Captain’s voice that assures passengers of their safety, comfort and general flight operations, but only to be told by the air hostesses that, the ‘’Captain-Commander’’ has since stepped back from the cockpit, therefore, he is unable to give you any assurance having decided to attend to a more pressing domestic affair over this international flight.

In essence, the pilot has dumped the captainship of the flight and none of the other 4 pilots sitting with him at the flight deck has valid International flying licenses. While the Captain Trainee failed his final year international flying examination, which was released recently, the other 3 ‘’Pilots-Emeritus’’ are carrying expired International flying licenses.

In a word, the air hostess is diplomatically saying “you are on your own” as the A380 Airbus on which you are flying is on auto.

Paradoxically, the world, today, is on auto: CAPTAIN-LESS. Maybe rudderless.

The de-facto leader has stepped back while the Captain-Trainee, the de-jure leader, seems morally and technically ill-prepared. All the 193 countries in the United Nations are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

America that used to be the Universe’s watchdog has since dropped its captain’s insignia unconsciously. It is no longer the CAPTAIN-COMMANDER AMERICA, it is simply, The AMERICA STATES. Minus the word ‘’UNITED’’. America is corrosively divided internally now that it can no longer be called the United States of America. Now, it is simply The America States!

On the other hand, China, the Captain-Trainee came out with 3 A’s and 3 F9’s in its final year Captainship examinations, failing woefully in: TRUST, ETIQUETTE AND EXPERIENCE. A peep into China’s final grades report card shows: Economy A1; Technology A3; Military Capability A3; Trust F9; Etiquette F9; Experience F9.

On the other hand, America’s recent continuous assessment results also showed F9 (read: woeful performance) in one core subject- TRUST. America full results: Economy A2, Technology A1, Military Capability A1+, Trust F9, Etiquette B+, Experience A1.
The American apple looks fresh from outside, economically, but signs of internal rot are already manifesting. COVID-19 has revealed the fragility of the US economy, especially in the health sector. Most Americans never knew that China holds the key to their health. On the economy, China is on top speed, accounting for 30% of the global manufacturing and international trade volume compared as against the US 19% according to the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Federal Deficit in America in 2020 is projected to reach $4trillion. At the same time, a total debt portfolio of $24.95 trillion, consisting of Federal Debt of $19.05 trillion-plus inter-governmental Agencies holdings of $5.9 trillion is sitting precariously on America’s head. Equally incontrovertible is the reason why America failed the TRUST test. From Japan to Europe and Africa – you can count the number of countries that trust America today on your fingertips.

Nonetheless, China’s talk of global leadership is equally more in the realm of theory than actuality.

China’s efforts in building and leading, for instance, international collective action against the COVID-19 pandemic has been inconsequential, and at best, a knee-jerk reaction to the global backlash to its misbehaviour.

Besides making money for itself from selling sundry health care products, China has remained ineffective in shaping global crucial conversations around COVID-19 pandemic. The requirement of becoming the World’s Class Captain (WCC) is so stringent that you must pass all the six compulsory subjects.

The demands and conditions to retain or assume the WCC is very clear – Pass in all the 6-subject category. FAIL IN ONE = FAIL IN ALL

Similarly, the European Union and Russia are grossly ill-suited to lead this complex modern COVID-19 world. Russia’s international flying license had expired since 26th December, 1990 with the collapse of the old Soviet Union.

On the other hand, the UK and France international flying licenses had expired since 2nd September, 1945 when they escaped humiliating defeat by a whisker in the hands of Hitler with the help of America novel nuclear weapon that ultimately vanquished the super-aggressive Japanese and broke their fabled resilience.
Japan’s attempt to supplant the US as the world’s Class Captain in the 80s ended up calamitously, having run out of gasoline in its limo: As a result of this misadventure, Japan’s growth became stymied and never fully recovered from the LOST DECADE up till this day.

Since then, Japan has remained humble, loyal and contended.

Therefore, since 1945, America has enjoyed its role as the world’s sole Captain-Commander, a substantially unipolar world order shaped in the American image. The last 75 years of the US Captainship has brought more stability and unprecedented prosperity to the world than the 100 years preceding this era.

..just like any other living things, nations also die instalmentally!

During President Obama administration, America lost the ‘’Commander’’ role but managed to retain the ‘’Captainship’’.

The decline started manifesting from the day Russia felt like having a night supper and it chose Georgia for dinner by forcefully annexing 20% of Georgia territory from 7th to 12th of August 2008, and America could not save the hapless baby Georgia from the Russia lion’s den.

Second, when President Obama drew his historic red lines in Syria, it was another puerile, futile and empty boast. President Assad, with the help of Russia, crossed the red line on August 21st 2013 by using chemical weapons to massacre thousands of innocent Syrian children and America was unable to build a successful global coalition to stop Syria or make Russia, the Syria backer, pay a commensurate price for their heinous crime against humanity.

Third, another time, Russia went for Ukraine as its breakfast. It invaded the Ukrainian autonomous region of Crimea and annexed it on the wee hours of 18th March, 2014. America and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an international organization which consists of the USA, Canada, Britain, and other European countries, all of whom have agreed to support one another if they are attacked, watched helplessly as Russia killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers.

Completing the circle of violence, on July 17th 2014, Russian Military missiles shot out of the sky, over Ukraine territory, Flight MH 17 killing all the 298 passengers and crew.

Nothing happened to the country that killed, drained and drank the blood of 289 innocent people with children under America’s watch! Sorry, something happened – plenty of noise and more boasts. It was a ‘walk in the park’ for Russia, who by now may have size up America and see more of noise than action.

“After all, that red comb on top of the American turkey’s head is not fire but fleshy growth”, some nations seem to be saying, which encourages more bad behaviours internationally.
The American brand equity was significantly eroded during President Obama administration.

By 11:41 a,m, EST. on January 20th 2017, when President Obama was handing over the leadership baton to President Donald Trump, the America which Obama handed over had shrunk and famished in global influence than the one he inherited in 2008. The ‘’Captain-Commander America’’, he inherited was now simply ‘’Captain America’’!

From MAGA to MASA…

This explains why the then Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump built his successful campaign on MAGA – Making America Great Again. What Trump wanted was MAGA but the strategies he implemented produced MASA- MAKING AMERICA SMALL AGAIN.

President Trump didn’t waste time in throwing away the American ‘’captainship’’ with his slogan: AMERICA FIRST diplomacy thereby pausing (not ending?) America’s 75-year old global hegemony as CAPTAIN-COMMANDER.

The “America-First” slogan simply means “AMERICA-ALONE, WORLD-ALONE”, God for us all.

Welcome to a new world. Welcome to a “ME-FIRST, ME-ALONE-WORLD.”

By March 2020, the INFERNO descended on God’s own country and hell was let loose on the American soil with the outbreak of the novel COVID-19. As of 17th of May, 2020, about 90,000 people were dead in addition to 37 million job losses. Expectedly, unemployment figures shot through the roof.

America panicked. America was caught unprepared. America was naked and sadly, standing alone in winter cold – a General without troops. Like a rain-soaked chicken, and for the first time in 75 years, America looks pitiably humbled in the presence of two threatening, scary mountains: Body Bags and Soaring Unemployment.
Is it sunset for America? Probably so!

Is the American lion caged? No.

Tamed? Capital YES!

Forever? It depends.

It is an open secret that the power, strength and influence of America is directly proportional to the strength of its network and strategic alliance. It has won wars and beaten enemy nations to submission by its well-oiled strategic alliances. That appears to have waned! Maybe dried up.

The Captain-Trainee, China, capitalized on the sorry state which America finds itself to re-write history, deploying MEDICAL-DIPLOMACY to project power. In exchange for some Ventilators and face masks, both President Trump and Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State were compelled by China to openly reverse themselves with regards to the origin of the C-19 virus. And both did.

On 24th of April, 2020 Mike Pompeo asserted that ‘’ there is enormous evidence coronavirus originated from Wuhan Lab’’. 3 days later he reversed himself:’’ the US does not have certainty yet that coronavirus originated from Wuhan.’’ China Medical diplomacy at work.

This is why there is no admission of mistakes by any country regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 that has shut down world civilization, shut down the world economy and eroded over $20 Trillion worth of investment from the world economy, and altered our social lifestyle forever.

Lack of global leadership: the World’s Class Captain consciously or unconsciously took its eyes away from the ball, from what matters most and is gradually losing its voice and moral authority over world affairs. In any class where there is no class captain or the class captain is weak or sick physically, financially or morally, the class automatically becomes a chaotic disaster. The whole world is at this juncture today.

Welcome to a new Hobbesian world!

Listen to Serbian President Aleksander Vucic: ‘’Solidarity does not exist in Europe. The only country that can help us is China- (not the US, not Europe- emphasis mine).
Both the Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his Spanish counterpart have expressed similar favourable sentiments about China because the US got missing during their hours of needs.

China is now playing the role of a Medical Messiah rather than the villain, China has escaped the “Ebola moment and Chernobyl moment” with minimal scars. In our eyes, we watch helplessly as history is amputated, butchered and sliced – making it difficult for school kids to know the whole truth about C-19 pandemic. Which is why there are more conspiracy theories on C-19 today than any other global issue in the last 100 years.

Had China, the CAPTAIN-TRAINEE passed those three compulsory subjects on Etiquette, Trust and Experience, it would have been much easier for it to emerge the undisputed World-Class Captain. Though China has climbed the ladder of leadership in the last 6 months, but it is a temporary victory – anything that is built on the misfortune of other nations., cannot last. At the end of the day, the ladder may be leaning on a wrong wall. But for now, the world is hurting and China is smiling to the banks.

The global anti-China sentiment is at its highest level today-probably higher than what it was in 1989 post-Tiananmen Square event where the Chinese Military Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) ran over bodies of 10,000 students time and time again to make a ‘’pie’’ and their remains were collected by a bulldozer, incinerated and then hosed down the drains.

Apologies, if you find that offensive to your mind! But that was what happened.

Therefore, how do you entrust the world’s captainship into the hands of a country which could not count correctly the number of its own citizens that perished in the COVID-19 war.

China told the world 4,633 Chinese died in Wuhan – a figure it later admitted was grossly understated but up till now China has not told the world the actual number of ZEROS it ’mistakenly’ deleted from that figure (is it one zero- 46,333, or two zeros- 463,330 or three zeros- 4,633,000?).

How do you entrust the world’s destiny in the hands of a country that denies its own citizens freedom of expression, of thought and other fundamental human rights?

The trust quotient and believability index are pointing down south for China!
If China cannot come out to tell the world what the hell went wrong inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) on the eve of C-19 outbreak and has refused to share the documents of its research on the cross-species transmission of a bat to human with the international community, then why should China expect the world to accept its captainship?

Think: a class captain you cannot trust will write your name in the ‘noise makers’ list and have you flogged!

Did the virus originate organically or synthetically created at WIV?

When will China release samples of the coronavirus collected in the early cases?

Since China is a signatory to both Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC), which entered into force on April 29th 1997 and also Biological Weapon Convention (BWC) which entered into force on 26th March 1975, and since the two Conventions prohibit the development, production, acquisition and stockpiling or retention of both chemical and biological weapons, therefore there is an urgent need for China to allow Organisations for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon and Biological Weapons (OPCWBC) based in The Hague to conduct a routine inspection to Wuhan Institute of Virology to verify the content of declaration and to confirm that activities of WIV are consistent with CWC and BWC obligations.

China’s aggressive audacity in pushing the envelope of conspiracy theory with regards to the origin of C-19 has further worsened its credibility challenge.

Lies. Cover-ups and more lies…

Globalization is based on the theory of shared prosperity, live and let live. But China, the Captain-Trainee, sees it differently. Probably because of its long absence from the world stage, China lacks certain etiquette.

The globalization pill which America, Japan and the Western countries merchandise are coated with sugar whilst the debt-driven diplomacy – globalization pill, being marketed by China is uncoated, rougher, slavish, thereby leaving an offensive aftertaste.

This is what is responsible for China F9 in Etiquette, which disqualifies it from the vacant position of World’s Class Captain-Commander.
In a season of confusion, our salvation lies in facts.

First, let’s deal with the known unknowns.

We have the American’s CIA, Russian’s FSS, Israel’s MOSSAD, German’s BND, British M16, Chinese MSS, Australian’s ASIS, Pakistan’s ISI, India’s RAW and France DGSE.

The ten organizations warehouse the brightest, and the most intuitive brains in the world. The questions are: one, what do they know about COVID-19 and when did they know it and why did they not raise a global alarm before it became a pandemic?

If the ten most powerful global security Intelligence Agencies were unaware of the emerging COVID-19 before it became a pandemic, then the world is in bigger trouble than we thought.

If they were aware, when and what did they do with the information and who or which country is the target: China, America, Africa, Europe or President Donald Trump. Who? Why?

Why do we need to know? It matters because Coronavirus is a junior virus. Imagine if a junior virus could unleash this much havoc globally, then what will happen when a CATEGORY ‘A’ VIRUS – Bacillus anthracis bacteria is used to launch ANTHRAX virus which is the deadliest agent to be used as a biological weapon.

If the world refuses to get to the root cause of COVID-19, it is setting a dangerous precedent which any rogue state or criminally minded Non-State Actor may exploit to unleash second-generation Biological Weapon – Biopreparat or other types of banned dangerous chemical weapons Agents like Nerve, Blister, Choking and Blood Agents.

The cloud is pregnant. Will it rain?
Or is abortion on the horizons?

There are four options:
a) INFERNO – Hot war,
b) New Cold War,
c) Marriage of Convenience, and
d) World Government.

a) The Inferno – Hot war
The foundations for war had been laid since 1947 and war building blocks are in place, what remains for HOT WAR to break out is just a miscalculation on either side of the conflict.

In 1947 the then Chinese Pre-Communist party of Chiang Kai-shek redrew the map of China to reflect the kind of influence which America had over the whole of North and South America under the Monroe Policy of the 19th Century. In 2009, the map was modified and submitted to the UN Commission on limits of the Continental shelf, where China claimed it has “indisputable sovereignty rights over all islands around the South China Sea and the adjacent waters and enjoys sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the relevant waters as well as the sea bed and subsoil thereof”

China is dreaming of establishing a regional hegemony by forcing its neighbours to abandon their claims and territorial rights in an unrecognized boundary it has drawn around 85% of the South China Sea through which goods worth $3.4 trillion pass yearly. China is at the loggerheads with most of its neighbours: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei (ASEAN Group). China has fortified the Islands it calls Xisha and Nansha with well-equipped Military base.

The second foundation of war is the “One China‘’, a major component of the CHINA DREAM. The policy seeks Taiwan reunification by force with the People’s Republic on or before 2050, which the 23 million Taiwanese have rejected. America has sent two warships – US Montgomery and USNS Cesar Chavez to the ‘’hot spots’’. There has been a massive show of air supremacy as the US Airforce flew all its three types of bombers aircraft on a long-range mission over the past week.

The third foundation of war is the on-going spar between China and America over COVID-19 pandemic and trade imbalance. In the past week, the US in a new ACT has extended the ‘Huawei ban’ by another one year and has put in place a mechanism to block global chip supplies to Huawei.

Huawei is to China what eyes are to the human body. Without Huawei, China goes blind both technologically and economically.

China swiftly responded with a move to put all major US companies like Apple, Cisco and Boeing etc. on ‘’ UNRELIABLE LIST’’ where they will be subjected to investigations and business restrictions. Taiwan’s TMC semi-conductor manufacturer of computer chips plans to establish a $12 billion advance chips factory in Arizona, USA. To cap what I call the week of chaos, President Trump unveiled Space Flag on Friday 15th May 2020 for the new US SPACE FORCE, the first Military branch created in 70 years. In the words of President Trump, the USA is now the ‘’SPACE-KING’’.

By any reckoning, Inferno or Hot War is not an option for both China and America.

b) New Cold War
The cold war is also not a viable option. The war-hawks on both sides are fundamentally wrong in their assumptions. The world has gone too deep in interconnectedness, too integrated, that any war – hot or cold will destroy the two biggest economies.

But the Chinese Hawks are of different species…

 The Chinese Hawks believe that, first, the best time to do to Taiwan (invasion) what Russia did to Ukraine is now because US is too busy fighting C-19 which may lead to the collapse of America economy.

 Second, that it is far easier for China to deter and project power today than for America to coerce.

 Third, that America is too weak and divided today that it will be unwilling to brave the costs of coming to the defence of Taiwan.

However, the points that are lost to the Chinese Hawks are numerous:
i. China is still a 400-pound Gorilla and not yet 800-pound one. it is strategically challenged in how far it can throw around its fragile influence without fatal consequences. China economy, an export-driven, is like a balloon, all it requires to flatten the balloon is just a pin.
ii. China seems to have forgotten so soon, how skilful the Japanese were (still are) on the battlefield. Who told China that Japan will not join in the defence of its former colony, Taiwan if war breaks out.
iii. The wide gulf in China GDP vs Debt ratio will lead to an economic recession in case of war.
iv. Weak internal social cohesion. The Tiananmen Square experience is still fresh in the minds of most Chinese. If war happens, the likelihood of internal sabotage to overthrow the repressive CPP is high. Besides, not many Chinese are comfortable with President XI term-limit removal, which they see as a pathway to life presidency.
v. The combined US and European Union trade deal with China yearly is in excess of one trillion dollars. If there is a war that trade disappears- the hawks didn’t factor that into their war equation. If they did, it’s not in the magnitude of their estimates.
vi. China has angered Germany, Japan, India, Taiwan and America – and they have all resolved to break the Chinese monopoly of the global supply chains as from 2021. An advent of war will accelerate their exit and equally accelerate the collapse of China’s economy.
vii. The 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries are all sworn enemies of China and will only be too glad to sabotage their greedy and repressive, bullying neighbour, China in case of war.
How will China survive in this hostile environment when the three Big Brothers – Japan, India, and South Korea and two sisters- Taiwan and Hong Kong are watching with pin-drop-attention every China’s move?

…anything called ‘war’ is also bad for the United States of America!

Similarly, war, both hot and cold are not viable options for America.

One, China is not like the old USSR, the percentage of trade between US and USSR was negligible unlike what obtains with China now.

Two, America has not recovered from the over $5 trillion it wasted in the Iraqi war and numerous operations of fighting terrorism in the Middle East and globally. Another war with China either to defend Taiwan or the ASEAN countries will be too costly and certainly will sink the US economy.

Three, America is an orphan today, unlike during the Iraqi war when Ukraine, Spain, Italy and the whole of Europe followed the US lead and contributed human and material resources.

Wisdom is profitable to direct…for China
China should focus on growing its economy and perish the thought of invading Taiwan or stealing those islands belonging to the ASEAN and Japanese. It is a stupid, costly adventure that will sink China economy, forever.

China currently has a competitive edge in the 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Green technologies. It should establish hegemony over them because that is the future – this will force America to the negotiation table, where China can get a huge concession (politically and economically) from the US.

Second, China should urgently support the call for an Independent Commission of Inquiry to look into what went wrong on COVID-19. It should cooperate with the Commission and tell the whole truth to avoid a reoccurrence in future. To borrow a word of Uthman Dan Fodio, conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it.

Wisdom is profitable to direct…for America
The US alone has a limited ability to coarse China with a view to changing its bad behaviour. It is done better under a multilateralism partnership with a strong signal to keep social distancing with China, if it fouls the air again.

Trump should set up a new – FREE WORLD TRADE AND INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP (FWTIP) – consisting of about 65% of the world’s trade – all under a democracy. The Trump administration should remove its toga of arrogance and reconcile with its traditional allies -Europe, Japan, Canada, Britain, South Korea, Mexico and India to forge a strong free world economic block.

Second, America should not pluck China’s eyes by killing Huawei and 5G. Doing this will be counterproductive. I have done an in-depth study on this and came away convinced that the odds are in China’s favour regarding 5G, AI and Green technologies. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is for the US to collaborate with China. Antagonizing China will force it to divide the US Technology Kingdom into 2 equal parts. With this, all the 40-year competitive advantages, including the internet which INTEL, Google, Microsoft, Apple have enjoyed will be eroded.
Third, Japan rearmament should be supported by the US. Why not? If North Korea, India, Pakistan are allowed to have nuclear weapons, why can’t Japan be allowed to arm and defend itself. The integration of Japanese into western culture is total and complete, it is highly unlikely that Japan will turn its guns against the West as it did in the Pearl Harbour incidence in 1945. A stronger Japan will further deter China and Russia aggression in that corridor. Besides, the US cannot continue to maintain military bases all over the world. The number one factor that led to the collapse of the old Roman Empire was military over-commitment.

In conclusion, where do we go from here?
Every weapon of mass destruction man has ever created, man has always used.
Read that again but very slowly…

How do we stop the use of those biological, chemical and nuclear weapons that countries are stockpiling?

Since the world is not yet mature enough to accept a complete WORLD GOVERNMENT (i.e. eradication of national armies, the establishment of a legislative, executive, judiciary and International Military with full powers), the next best thing would be to re-calibrate the existing United Nations.

This is a logical step with a precedence. The LEAGUE OF NATIONS, which was established on January 20th 1920 with four permanent members (UK, Japan, Italy and France) was killed and buried on April 20th 1946 because it failed to prevent Hitler from invading Poland – an action that led to about 26 million deaths during WW2.

The United Nations which replaced it came into existence on 26th June 1945 with the sole objective of maintaining International Peace and Security, has also failed in preventing China from putting the world under lockdown with its concomitant economic and social disorder, due to structural and operational weaknesses that were not envisage 75 years ago when it was created.

The world needs a stronger, more democratic and independent UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION (UWO) to replace UNO, after COVID-19 World War3 (WW3).

How should UWO be funded? One, funding should be a percentage of yearly members’ states budget. The current funding arrangement of UNO is neither sustainable nor sufficient for a global body that is expected to be independent and dispense justice and equity to all member states. A situation where one country contributes 22% (America), 10 countries are accountable for 68.89%; 20 countries are responsible for 83.78% whilst the remaining 173 countries contribute 16.12% is a recipe for disaster.

This is not equitable and it is the main reason both America and China do bad things and get away with it.

Two, the concept of Security Council was not effective in the League of Nations as well as in the UN, therefore, it should be abolished and the VETO power vested in 2/3 of the 193 financial member-states.

Three, NGO’s donations to UWO should be limited to not more than 15% of its total budget. A situation whereby one individual or NGO with a hidden agenda is the one funding WHO is dangerous.

Four, America, China and Russia should sit down with Japan, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Switzerland and Israel (G10) to fashion out the framework for a new world order under the new UWO. Germany and Hitler were shut out of the League of Nations in 1920 which resulted in WW2 that claimed 26 million lives.

America must have a paradigm shift in its International Relations. China and Russia are real, not movies: the former on account of the size of its economy and the latter for its military capability.

The world needs a new social and economic hygiene for the survival of the human race. The world should not hesitate to maintain social distancing with any country that fouls the air next time the way China has done.

The Globalists campaigning for a reduction in world population from 7.5 billion to 3 billion should henceforth be seen and treated as an act of TERRORISM because it is only terrorists that plan to or take innocent lives that he did not /cannot create.

Five, the monopoly enjoys by the world Media under the control of five conglomerates in the West is not good for world cultural and social stability. Faith comes by hearing- hearing the words of God. Fear also come by hearing- hearing and listening to CNN news!
Therefore, the new UWO and Africa and other regional blocks should break the monopoly by prioritizing media as a powerful tool of modernization and security.
Imagine if the Madagascar COVID-19 cure drug had come from the West, the media would have celebrated it as a breakthrough.
Six, China has to apologize to the whole world for its failure to prioritize international community safety when it allowed its citizens to travel abroad in January 2020.
China has to apologize for not giving sufficient and timely information to WHO.
China has to apologize and pay reparations from the mountain of cash in its foreign reserves or write-off the debts of every nation that is indebted to it.
China hurts the world.
China owes the world
China must pay the world, if we want peace and stability.

The Epilogue
Therefore, as we enter the post-COVID-19 age, the new world order will probably stand on a tripod: the USA, China and Russia with a new United World Organisation (UWO) as CAPTAIN-COMMANDER to escape the incoming inferno.
This is what I call Marriage of Convenience world order.


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