The Poor & Naive Folks Will Always Be There To Serve Their Masters      

Remain Ye Peaceful and Calm Dear Nigerians!

Take a good look at the three leading Presidential candidates in Nigeria, if you do not empathize with the fate of Africans at home and in the Diaspora, you are not human. Even one of the worst Presidents in democracy had supporters against Impeachment.

There would be no stupendous wealth without the naive and the poor. They swim and exist against their own self interest. If this is pointed out, they get offended or feel insulted by doubling down on what gets them deeper to the bottom of the food chain. Some people patronize and worship those that exploit their very existence. The serfs and laborers were conditioned to trickle down crumbs after being starved to yearn for any form of relief.

Even religious holy books preached obedience to your superior masters as serfs and slaves who worked to enhance the higher social life of their masters. We must also understand that there are people born to accept the social life of their communities or adhere to standards dictated by the new community after relocation in return for their basic needs of food, water and shelter.

If the wealthy run out of workers like the old serfs of Europe, they go outside their countries and continent to recruit slave labor or attract slaves into their countries. Nobody would hire anyone before demands exceed supply in papa or mama small business until forced to hire more help from those that are not family members. Without the working class, the wealthy cannot make huge profits.

The exploiters of the naive folks study and practice the art of financial success on them to gain followers. This is why the poor would rather vote for politicians they can look up to, eternally waiting for gains; despite empty and unreasonable promises that are obvious to the wise. It does not mean that they are uneducated or totally stupid; it only means their reasoning faculty serve emotional and short-term interest like stomach infrastructure.

There is a difference between educated and naive folks. We can be highly educated and still be naive. The wealthy use many incentives and propaganda to get cheap or slave labor. This is not limited to unskilled jobs. Highly educated and talented workers are also attracted from poor countries paying them relatively higher wages compared to home countries but forced into poor working conditions they will not tolerate at home.

Physicians from third world countries finally cried out about poor working conditions in the U.K. Most remain silent for years to appear happy to those left at home. The Indian doctors and Zimbabwe nurses in the United Kingdom are cases in point. Recently, Nigerian doctors also joined, to complain about working conditions that endangered the quality of services rendered to their patients but less about their own unfulfilled dream.

Many professionals are modern serfs. Especially in the underserved areas they were posted to. The same areas they refused to serve at home where they were warmly welcomed, showered with pleasantries and other “bush allowances”. The lure of making more money equally attracts the middle and the working poor just as the wretched poor. But the poor have no means of moving from one country to another; unless some desperate poor ones incur huge debt to do so.

You ever wonder how the middle and working class vote based on the promise of tax breaks, free trade zones and tax holidays? Another form of regressive tax breaks where the rich walk away with thousands and millions, like the naivete get pennies. Naive folks that Pay As You Earn do not realize that the tax breaks come from the common purse that should be paying for schools, hospitals and infrastructure that the rich do not care for in their localities since they can afford them anywhere in the world.

It is a fact that there are freeloaders that want to sit on their butts and collect welfare checks but they exist on all sides within the conservative and liberal communities. The conservative cry louder against the poor while they are the biggest corporate bums selling services and commodities to governments at outrageous prices. This is the same taxes coming from all classes as the very rich manage to dodge paying any tax.

During the peak of Covid-19, the biggest relief checks went to the rich employers to hire and retain their employees. Smaller relief checks went to the working class, if not diverted. On top of the relief checks, businesses got loans they never paid back since some loans were forgiven. But they railed against workers that stayed back at home to babysit, student loans, grants and scholarships because they could afford to pay for their own children.

The wealthy parents could send their children to school anywhere in the world by raiding their country’s Central Bank foreign Reserve leaving the country poorer and unable to import essential commodities for the rest of the citizens. The rich claim it is in the interest of the poor. They cry for foreign money so that rich children do not drop out of foreign schools. But poor children in foreign schools go to school full time and work part-time to pay their fees.

It is the children of the rich that can afford luxurious apartments, cars and parties without working, at least part time. So when the rich complain about their inability to get more foreign allowance for their spoiled children abroad, they use poor children that do not benefit. The irony of it all is that while poor students pay their own fees and send some of their earnings home to their parents, the rich have enough local currencies to exchange for euros or dollars.

The bottom line is that those that made their wealth, do so from the middle and working class at the retail markets and packaging resources sold at the Stock Markets that belong to all. They decide how much to pay while shareholders reap maximum profit. Workers are paid just enough to keep them dependent so that they can come back for a little more to live on. If the working class have more money in their hands, they can choose when to work and who to work for.

There have always been demands for talents, middle and working classes in businesses. Shortage of workers drives wages up and less profit for employers. This was demonstrated during COVID-19 when employers decried relief money for workers abstaining from work while applying for the same relief money, grants and loan remission themselves. It shattered the notion created by the wealthy that they are the job creators.

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