The Opportunist’s Oath: From Critic to Crony, Reno Omokri’s Venal Underbelly of Politics


In the arena of politics, where convictions are often as malleable as clay and loyalty appears as elusive as a will-o’-the-wisp, we find yet another example of the quintessential opportunist. Reno Omokri, the self-acclaimed Buhari Tormentor, who once fervently criticized president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, now inexplicably showers praise and support, all in the hope of securing a plum political appointment. This about-face, from critic to crony, serves as a stark reminder of the venal underbelly of politics and the lengths to which some individuals will go to further their own agendas.

It was not so long ago that Omokri, who has turned Peter Obi Tormentor, publicly lambasted the very Tinubu he now enthusiastically endorses. Recall that prior to the keenly contested 2023 general elections in Nigeria, Omokri was relentless in his critique, lambasting Tinubu’s character, policies, and vision for the country. He spared no effort in denouncing Tinubu’s promises and ridiculing his potential to lead the nation. Omokri asked Tinubu about his age, family, education and everything that the Nigerian leader represents.

Yet, in the wake of Tinubu’s electoral victory, Omokri has suddenly experienced a miraculous conversion, professing undying loyalty and admiration. One cannot help but wonder if this sudden reversal of stance is grounded in genuine belief or is merely a calculated maneuver to gain political favor. The stark contrast between past criticisms and present accolades is jarring and raises questions about Omokri’s integrity.

While political flip-flopping is nothing new, the blatant and self-serving nature of this particular transformation is a testament to the hollowness of opportunism in the world of politics. It undermines the very principles and values upon which a democracy should stand. It erodes the trust of the electorate, who, time and again, witness politicians prioritize their own ambitions over the welfare of the nation.

What is particularly troubling in this case is that Omokri’s newfound support for president Tinubu, who is known for rewarding those who can sing his praise, appears to be driven solely by the allure of a political appointment. The quest for power and influence has, it seems, overshadowed any sense of conviction or responsibility to those who once had respect for him. In doing so, he has not only betrayed the trust of those who once believed in his principled stance but also exposed the transactional nature of politics that leaves voters disillusioned and disenchanted.

Today, Omokri’s remarks cannot reverberate on social media except he drags Peter Obi into them and praise-sing Tinubu. You would think he has left Atiku’s camp but he has continued to aver that he is loyal to the Peoples Democratic Party. One thing that is also clear is that he is leveraging on the evergreen Obidients who would always lock horns with him when he inveighs Obi in his tweets to make money.

It will be no soothsaying to aver that in the shark-infested waters of Nigerian political landscape marred by cynicism, this transformation serves as a stark example of the pitfalls of ambition over integrity. Omokri who once criticized Tinubu and now heaps praise for personal gain is a reminder of the corrosive impact of opportunism in politics.

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