The Dawn

Image credit: Samwise Yhoundeh

Tears roll down her cheek but of revival

Neither gods, humans nor destiny ever bet

On the big odds of her distant survival

All is fair that ends well but will less forget


Fed on the placenta of her starving mother

She ate open her belly and her blood to live

From birth she wished nothing but another

Death. But dire life kept holding her captive


Before smile they put sorrow on her face

They made her run before she could walk

Put hurdles on track to lose their own race

Threaded her lips to see and never to talk


Stepped on the wrong foot of humaneness

And on the right foot of thrall and bondage

Her dark skin tattooed with scar in excess

heart broken to living on ink and bandage


Big thanks to fate for coming to his sense

And bringing along with him the new dawn

Black lives thriving at white force expense

Honour days are here, servitude withdrawn


Chikamso Okoye (Mr Focus)

(April, 2022.)

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