The Breath Of Science Without Nature…


One month in mind of my Dad

“Life” essentially is life because of breath. When breath ceases and one stops breathing “life” becomes lifeless.

Each “life”  has both  breath and breathing pattern unique to their species. The way humans breath is quite different from the way and manner animals, trees etc breath.

To humans and animals oxygen is their life, while plants get their’s from carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.

What was waste to one is a source of life to another. We live, complimenting one another.

Nature is not  wasteful, it patterns its activities so knitted , leaving no room  for vacuum,each playing unique role for the comfort and blissful existence of others .

The grass around humans, the reptiles and insects  etc even as   dangerous as some of them are or seem to be to humans,   have the unique and indispensable roles to play ,  without them the ecosystem would be inhabitable.

As much as we try to play God in our life style, creating artificial human beings , hybrid species of things , test tube babies etc,  breathing pattern of Humans, Animals, ,plants etc remains unaltered.

Sadly, Man’s sexual life has been altered. His looks manipulated by crossdressing syndrome   , his ecosystem messed up by the advancement of technology . In all these,  the breathing pattern of man remains factory fitted, only God has the power to give and take breath, no other .

”Life” is not life without  breath and breath is meaningless without “life”.

How can one breathe without living and how can one  live without breathing? Safe to say, life is breath and breath is life.

The two are inseparable, the ultimate preserve of God.  Even science gets its being, breath and life from the breath of God.

Sadly, science most times lives in denial of this fact, at all times  desperately seeking  to play “God” , the Almighty, the all knowing, the very “Golden” table where the buck of human quests ,enquires ,challenges etc  should end

Does science posses such powers? Can science exist without this “Breath” that is unseen but felt by all, leaving all lifeless if it ceases?

What is the breath of science without this breath? How far can this breath of science go without this “Breath”?

What is the danger of breathing only the breath of science? Can one equaly breathe this “Breath” without the breath of science and still live a balanced life ? Can the two “breaths” ( Nature  and Science) co-exist without strife and controversy ?

Can science in its sophistication and advancement create breath in equal measure and value like the breath from nature ?

Where lies the answer in the search for the purpose of ones existence? In the breath of nature  or in the breath of science?

Is the breath of nature so complete that one can thrive without the breath of science?

Science has so much advanced in its exploits and innovations, the gap between nature  and “nature photocopies”(Science innovations ) is so lean. The truth is science can’t stand outside nature no matter how had it tries. Its innovations are hinged on what  nature  had provided. Science

Manufacturers take their cues from nature for design

“Biomimetics — modeling products on living organisms — is back in vogue. Creators of everything from cars to appliances are searching for new design concepts beyond the confines of the laboratory, studying what birds, insects and plant life have learned over eons”(sic).

Science can give life support only God gives life.

Science can give oxygen ,only God gives air. Science can transplant organs , only God creates organs. Science can tranfuse blood ,only God creates blood . Genes can be modified by science ,only God creates them.

To those who try to see the definition of man, his purpose etc from the eyes of science, the theories may sound fantastic, the logic  and experiment mind blowing, the truth is science is science because of nature and nature does not exist  outside God– outside God science is helpless.

The breath of science is good to the extent that it compliments the breath of nature. A move to override nature by science gets the later stuck in a maze of confusion.

Rest in peace Dad! One month today you were peacefully interred. When nature ceased its breath , science became helpless.


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