Street Names

Voyager Thabi had seen it all,

She had travelled far and wide

and experienced a series of shocks

cuisines, music, colors and climates.


Not only had she had the privilege

and honor of visiting several countries

on this earth, she also set foot on other

planets ,her eyes on extraterrestrials.


If there were inscriptions on her

forehead, maybe the words would

read like: culture shock no longer

shocks me, I just stunned it big time.


She had come across individuals

who named their kids after books,

for instance, one boy was Dictionary,

little wonder, his teacher used to say:

Dictionary, give me the meaning of this.


She had seen medical bodies or institutes

with eyebrow-raising names too, for example,

one of them was called Prestigious Psychological

Menopause School of Sciences and Signs, wow!


On another planet, she was captivated

by street names like: Is Lyfe A Beach?

Naught In Anoder Lyfe, Fool Stop, Go

To Eel or Earth, Full Me Thri-c I’m Yo Full!


I thout U Where My Half, Why DD

U Live Me, What Hapend?Riched

A Dad End, My Everytin, U I Mine,

Go Bed They Will Defurther U, C U.


U Wested My Tyme, Which Me Luck,

Which U Da Beast! Sory Waz Rong,

Miss U 2 March, Com Bake Darlie,

4eve Yoz, Gud Tymz We Heard 2.


Thabi discovered that aliens

named the city`s streets after

their break-ups or fallouts,

or issues with their exes.


She learned that the street name:

Go Bed They Will Defurther U,

actually means: Go bird, they

will defeather you ahead.

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