‘’Starting a Business in Nigeria is a hard Sport’’ – Techpreneur, Olatunji

Tech pro, Olatunji Onaduja, CEO of Techvantage has expressed that starting a business in Nigeria is like a hard sport. In an exclusive interview with The News chronicle, The Techpreneur shared how tough it is to start a business in Nigeria especially with the fact that the socio-economic realities of the country itself comes with its own challenges. Although he added that with perseverance and a survival spirit, one can push through.

Sharing more insight on his entrepreneurial journey, the Young CEO, shared on how he started off with a small team that consisted of his classmates and colleagues and has now grown into a strong force to reckon with. He added that although his company has advanced both in size and capacity, they’re still open to accepting new intakes who would be interested to join his team regardless of the gender and should have the passion and commitment to make positive impacts.

Making reference to his beginning stages, he recalled that some people refused working with him while some clients questioned his capacity as he had no previous experience as proof, however, he said that the solution given to those challenges was to work harder.

Mr. Olatunji highlighted the importance for Nigeria to be a tech orientated nation as it will be beneficial to her development and economic growth. He added that as the world is gradually becoming digitalized one ought to learn at least one IT skill to back up his or her qualification.

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