Social media users describe their ‘ex’ with hilarious street signs

Some social media users have demonstrated with street signs that so many relationships are not healthy – a clear indication that a lot need to be done to restore sanity to relationships. had in a post on Facebook, urged people to use a street sign to describe their ex. “If your EX was a street sign, what would it READ?”

Reacting to the post, some persons made the following comments:

Tahsin Islam – Never ending narcissistic lane

Äuhc Käth – do not enter the dragon the dragon is not fully vaccinated yet

Integrity Joyce Onotseogbana Okiti – Danger ahead

Aira Ibuos – Accident prone area

Mayorga Grace – Cheater street… never ends

Tine Tower – Drive safely. Slippery when wet

Becky Guthrie Bruns – Dead beat alley or family beater lane

Veronica Gutierrez – Rough road ahead!

Nina Stoyanoff – Drive at your own risk

Kotze Gladys Glee – Warning!!!Potholes ahead

Lynn Ritz – Proceed with caution

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