So far, nobody among those who have declared in the South can defeat Tinubu – Omokri tells PDP

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has urged the Peoples Democratic Party to be mindful of who will be its flagbearer in the 2023 presidential election.

In a post on Facebook, the self acclaimed Buhari Tormentor, said if the All Progressives Congress fields Bola Ahmed Tinubu as its candidate, there’s no one in the South among those who have declared that can defeat him under the PDP.

He wrote:

In Luke 14:31 Christ asked if a king with 10,000 soldiers can defeat another king with 20,000 troops?

If the All Progressives Congress gives Bola Tinubu their ticket, as is likely to happen, the Peoples Democratic Party should be mindful of the fact that Kano alone delivered 2 million votes during the 2019 election, while the entire Southeast delivered 2.09 million. Do the math and stop sniffing meth!

Refusing to work with political realities, and instead building castles in the air won’t get anyone anywhere anytime soon. Face cold hard facts. If Tinubu emerges in the APC, NOBODY among those who have SO FAR declared in the South can defeat him for the PDP.

Sentiments are not good substitutes for strategy. If we want these realities to change, we must learn from the Northwest and the Northeast. This Ramadan, do you see them traveling? On Sallah, they also don’t travel. But for voter registration or election, they MUST travel. We travel for Christmas, but not for voter registration or election. And we want to win elections? Ko le werk!

I have the voter turnout numbers of EVERY LGA in Nigeria from 2019. I see elections from a statistical and scientific point of view. The SE has the highest Twitter and online turnout in the nation, but the lowest voter turnout during voter registration and election!

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