SME growth potentials are aided by a technology-driven solution

The changing legal and operating contexts that affect MSMEs around the world necessitate new solutions that increase enterprises’ ability to adapt to change. With the COVID-19 epidemic has spurred technological adoption, the stakes have never been higher.

To that end, QShop, a technology-driven e-commerce platform created in 2020, is on a mission to assist SMEs in succeeding in a technologically driven world.

SMEs in emerging markets can improve their ability to meet business objectives and contribute to economic progress by using technology to provide an inexpensive e-commerce solution through QShop.

“During the epidemic, we found that technology was one of the primary things that helped many small companies survive,” Tarebi Alebiosu, founder of QShop, said at a virtual media event. Many, on the other hand, struggled to master the complexities of incorporating technology into their day-to-day operations.

“As a result, in late 2020, we developed QShop, a mobile-first solution, to make e-commerce technology adoption more affordable for small enterprises.” Simply simply, we assist small businesses in selling online and scaling their operations. QShop’s tight integration with social media allows for a quick and painless setup; most stores are up and operating in under two minutes.”

Alebiosu claims that by simplifying Africa’s e-commerce environment and website creation, many entrepreneurs who would otherwise struggle with the complexities of running a business online will be able to do so in a matter of clicks. QShop provides SMEs with the tools and resources they need to establish a successful e-commerce business.

She claims that the company’s connection with banking partners such as Stripe, Flutterwave, Paystack, and, most recently, Providus Bank, allows merchants to accept funds in any currency smoothly.

She claims that the company’s new relationship with Providus Bank has cut payment processing time in half, allowing businesses to get store credit for transactions in as little as one hour.

She also mentioned that QShop offers Facebook Pixel, Instagram, and Google Analytics technology integration. Merchants can now set up their storefronts in minutes, boost customer interaction, and track growth.

She stated that businesses have shown a lot of interest in QShop since it was launched. Over 10,000 SMEs have signed up, and over USD500,000 in combined merchant sales has been processed.

She stated that the company’s long-term growth strategy is based on enhancing growth for retail-focused enterprises. As a result, merchants can expect platform updates such as credit, market access, and business training.

Harrison Hammond, QShop’s Head of Technology, added, “At QShop, we want to assist customers go from zero to a hundred via technology.” We act as a middleman, bringing all of the elements together in one place: websites, inventory, payment systems, and logistics. QShop is a good place to start for SMEs who are now overwhelmed by the complexity of technology connections.”

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