Singer Ruger Sexually Harassed On Stage As Lady Grabbed His Manhood During Performance

A viral video were a young star artist, Ruger encountered an embarrassing moment with a female fan grabbing his private part, makes rounds on the internet. While some male musician may be indifferent about being touched in their body parts during shows and live performances, singer Ruger is however not comfortable with such behavior.

During his recent show, while performing one of his hit songs title ‘’Dior,“ singer Ruger gets closer to the edge of the stage just like most performing artist do, an overbearing female fan reached out and grabbed him in his private part which led to the singer yanking her hands off immediately and dashed off the stage in disgust.

Watching the video, the lady acted as if nothing had happened and carried on unremorsefully.

The video which went viral on social media, stirred up lots of reactions from fans saying the narrative would have been different if the case was a male fan harassing a female artist. At the same time, fans commends the singer for keeping his cool and calling the show a wrap.

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