Side Chicks and Unknown Gunmen

Hello James

How far Escobar

Fine bro. What’s up

Nothing much, trying to keep fit for the next Olympics

Hahaha, I never knew the athletic side of you

I just discovered it too, you know they say luck is opportunity meeting preparedness

That’s good for you. For me, the opportunity I want now is to have Deziani’s jewelry lying in the custody of EFCC

What will you do with it

I will sell some and keep some for my wife and sisters

That’s thoughtful of you, please if you find any ring among the loot keep two for me

What do you need ring for? Are you getting married? Which of the girls is the lucky one?

What do you mean by which of the girls?

My guy, I know you have 3 girlfriends and maybe some other unknown girls

You are not serious, it’s not only unknown girls, I have unknown gunmen too

Lol, you are cracking me up. You are not scared of mentioning unknown gunmen

Why should I? Are they not unknown?

Yes, they are, but also powerful. And even, unknown girls will want to be known, unlike unknown gunmen whose added strength is in their secrecy

Not all side chicks want to be known my friend. They could be friends with the main chick. For the unknown gunmen, how powerful can they be

Powerful enough to evade the state’s capture for years. Don’t you know how powerful the state is. Anyone who can beat the intelligence agencies and security outfits is really strong

I see, you are making a point there. But even developed countries like the mighty US, France and even recently, Belgium have incidences of insecurity. One man shooting other unarmed people

You are right. But how many hours or at most, days, does it take for the authorities to fish out the perpetrators of the crime.

From what I have observed in the news, it takes at most a day to identify the culprits

You see, but ours can be said to be as old as our democracy

So you are saying it’s not a regime thing

Yes, it is not, though their activities have increased in recent time and if it is not handled properly, it could get worse for successive regimes.

But don’t you think we are not as advanced as those countries you have mentioned

I know, but can’t we seek assistance from them and learn how they do it

So how do we find and identify your unknown gun girls, sorry, unknown girls

You are crazy, maybe you will find them in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). I heard the director general has kept them as reserved army. And by the way, you are just accusing me, and does the accused show his guilt or his innocence

His innocence of course, if he is, and if he’s not, the usual survival instinct will make him swear that he’s clean. Except in few cases where the guilty becomes remorseful and owns up to his guilt

I see. Actually, if I have unknown girls or side chicks as you may want to call them, it is left for me and her to make her known to the outside world, except I break the relationship or she forcefully reveals herself through me.

That’s your business. Are you saying it is the government or the populace, who have the responsibility of revealing unknown gun men? What if they are aliens

Whichever, I don’t know

Me too, I don’t know. Just get me my rings if you find them.




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