Shettima’s outfit not the issue

Those who think that the troll of the APC vice Presidential candidate on social media is about his poor dress sense , should have another think coming.

It has nothing to do with his over sized “cosbery suit”, long red tie and sneakers. Many in his class, calibre and influence have done such, even worse and nobody trolled them.

Dress does not make or marr a man, it only adds aesthetics to the very value and substance that define who a man truly is.

I don’t really care if he was dressed in his pants and flip-flop slippers, bare bodied with a black elongated tie around his neck. I have more things to do than get distracted by what a man decides to wear or not to wear.

Years back a legend lived, he was and still an icon. He was deep in his thought process and the words and lyrics that came forth from his mouth sagacious.

Many followed him, up till today his name resonates, it reverberates and the kind of awe that it provokes in the consciousness of many unmatched.

He didn’t wear suit talk more of an oversized one. He never wore tie, can’t remember if he had the least of foot wear on his feet. He wore pants anyway, with his “kiniko” always showing emboldenly on a shirtless body. No body mocked him, nobody trolled him and none did I know ,made a jest of him.

To the contrary he was a model for many even in his weird characterization.

When value is profound, vision clear, when focus is obvious and integrity unstained, when competence is not in doubt and sincerity unbroken, when trust is tested and leadership assured, wear anything nobody cares.

Kashim Shettima was just a victim of the many years of APC rot and stinks. He was an image that only reminds angry youths and Nigerians of the lies, deceit, shenanigans etc of APC rule, like an effigy he got the beaten meant for the real person.

He was simply a victim of transfered aggression, an outburst that says many things with a resounding statement of WE ARE TIRED OF APC!

I doubt if the youth would react the way they did and if social media would have given it the momentum it did if Peter Obi had dressed in the style and manner of Shettima.

Obi may be a good dresser he may not, but attention has never been drawn to what he wears. His vision is too classical, his determination and poise to lead Nigeria into her long lost promised land too engaging to make minds wander around to see and assess what he wears or not. Too infantile I dare say! He could as well come in tattered clothes, nobody would troll him, except those in their PHD OCD mood( Pull Him Down Obsessive ompulsive disorder Mood)

The day a child gets beaten isn’t the day he poured away oil. Nigerian youths are not that petty and pedestrian to be obsessed over what anybody wears. They are tired and the presence of anything that reminds them of APC quite repulsive.

Go to the various social media handles, it will shock one the kind of nudity that thrives and how it has become a celebrity signature.

Watch closely some of the social media influencers and the kind of dress sense they have. What they wear and how they wear such things and how such trail the blaze in the fashion industry.

There was someone that would wear same suit, tie and sneakers Shettima wore, like a hurricane fire it would become a brand fashion. Unfortunately APC threw him out and the murky water of APC 7 years misrule gave him a thorough bath.

My dear SEN. Kashim Shettima, my heart goes out to you. It wasn’t about your suit and tie . The mock, the jest and hilarious punches that came down on your personality was indeed meant for APC, an unleashing of a pent up irritation of many years of cluelessness.

Those who are limiting their search light on the over sized suit and long tie of Kashim may have missed the message.

The message hidden in Shettima’ suit troll is deep. If only the handlers of BAT and Shettima would see beyond the joke and shame and appreciate the invaluable message, though silent but loud enough for those who want to hear.

When a man hates a lady nothing else matters, her dress sense however classic and impressive, very immaterial. The game is played in the heart and the heart of Nigerians have been captured, every other overtures from whoever is a distraction.


Jarlath Opara

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