Shedding Light On Shedding And Sheds

Of Lies, Pies ‘n’ Promises

I’m here to pour furious facts forth in drops,

I’m no duck’s plumage shedding watery rocks,


I’m here not to please but to seize a moment,

& jog memories, since l see no development,


their promises were countless : like we’ll

construct sheds or shelter, yet it’s all hell!


have the souls been shedded from distress?

no, they steal & smile, shed blood  & supress,


people are put or housed in handcuffed shame,

they can’t tame it, l proclaim: the economy isn’t lame,


have you seen shedlike  structures they have build since

they usurped offices, or you wince at their rot or mince?


it had nothing to do with national development or protection,

but a divide of land: their shed, interests, a lust for accumulation,


understand that shedding can simply be a casting off of natural covering

like a caterpillar shedding its skin, yet it’s still a caterpillar window-dressing!


shed your illusions & inhibitions since companies are shedding jobs and incomes,

shed tears for the jobless like pathologists shedding viruses in the feces & dirty dams

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