Shank Comics apologizes

Shank Comics apologizes over disrespectful skit on Jesus’ parents

Shank Comics apologizes

Adekosan Emmanuel, popularly known as Shank Comics, has tendered an apology to fans and fellow Christians following his skit that depicts disrespect to the mother of Jesus and His earthly Father, Joseph.

Criticisms were fired at him after he released the skit video. One of the popular people who reacted was Solomon Buchi, who said:

“Dear Shank the comedian,

You have produced skits that were outrightly blasphemous & disrespectful to the Christian faith. You once depicted Jesus in a scene as moved by a woman’s boobs. Such a travesty of the divinity of Christ. This isn’t comedy, this is disrespect to Christ.

In this skit, you expressed God impregnating Mary, mother of Jesus. You threw in threesome. I don’t know if you’re a Christian, but that doesn’t matter. It is heavy — this caricature of our Christian faith, and sexualization of our scriptural realities.

By all means, stop. Whatever inspiring you is demonic and definitely not of God. There are many ways to grow your comedy career without demeaning and debasing the sacrosanctity of the Christian faith. Desist from it, please. Ask God for forgiveness, because God will judge you.

The disrespect is utterly disgusting. Watching the skits leave me nauseous and sad for you too. Stop heaping hot coal on your head. You can thrive in comedy without sexualization, not to talk of sexualization of God the father, son and Holy Spirit. Again, desist.

That isn’t art. It’s demonic. You’re availing yourself to be used by Satan. Please, stop it. Desist. Maybe go back to the drawing board and find things you can do better.

PS: if you’re a Christian ‘kiking’ to these nonsense skits, God has mercy on you.”

Shank in his message said he has brought down the video and will not repeat anything related henceforth.


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