See the list of those not allowed at Zoleka Mandela’s funeral

Zoleka, Mandela’s grand daughter wrote a list of people, mainly family relatives not allowed at her funeral.

Zoleka was 43 years old and she was an author, she died on the 25th of September to cancer after a long fight. She had survived cancer twice.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and she survived, 2016 the cancer spread again she was treated and it cleared.

Sadly in August 2022 she announced via her instagram account that she was Diagnosed with bone metastasis cancer.

The list included mostly her close relatives in which she shockingly revealed that those who sexually abused her were the ones with a dot (.) by their names.

Her ex-husband, Thierry Bashala, who she had two children with was not speared from the list.

She also added that she almost added her sisters, dad and step mum.

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