Scaling Through Tough Times: the endless struggles of a Nigerian citizen

Struggling, survival, adaptation and many other synonymous terms are such that are not to be found wanting in the Nigerian lexicon. This is more so, when the plethora socio- economic challenges which continually stare us in the face are considered and placed on a weighing scale.

From the regular absence of basic amenities or social necessities (food, shelter and clothing) to the  fear of marauders who utilise a myriad of methods to reap where they haven’t sown by dispossessing citizens of their hard-earned currencies both day and night.

Take for instance, the last few weeks has seen almost every Nigerian complaining of one hardship or the other. From the increase in the prices of food stuffs to the upsurge in the price of cooking items (gas most especially). What about the proposed hike in the price of fuel which has made the prices of transport to be a triple of what it was aforetime.

The environment which is nature’s free gift to humanity and which could have been a rescue factor by providing serenity is also challenging and has proved unfriendly due to the emergence of climate change, environmental pollution and other hazards which make out earth unsafe and inhabitable.

Robert Schuller’s classic “TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO” may only be a waste if it were turned into a sermon and preached to Nigerian congregants. It wouldn’t be an assumption to conclude that the struggles of being born or living in Nigeria seem to be ad infinitum.

Even with a whopping population of over 150 million inhabitants and choicest resources which can be harnessed effectively and efficiently to make life meaningful and comfortable, it is still a wonder as to how Nigerians are being subjected to the rigour of surviving.  What this has birthed is nothing but poverty, unemployment and the emergence of crime and other bestial ways which to be against the legal framework enshrined in the constitution.

Several factors could be said to be the reasons why the process of scaling through tough times especially in Nigeria seems to be both mountainous and unending.

In the first instance, there is the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. Even in infinitesimal matters such as the distribution of vaccines and empowerment items, it is evident that many a Nigerian elite prefer to amass wealth even if it will lose value in the future than giving it out to the poor and needy who can make profitable use of it in the present. Little wonder an ace philosopher in his lifetime elucidated the theory that the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles.

Furthermore, the absence of  a value based system of governance void of all imperfection and impurities also accounts for another reason. In saner climes, governance is an avenue to serve the society and not a method of making life unbearable for others as we have it in Nigeria.

What more can we say about our weak legal framework which in the real sense gives kudos to law breakers and offenders while ensuring that innocent citizens are charged for daring to follow the due process. Is this not evident as many of the Nigerian elite who are occupying enviable positions are people who have  at one time of the other being charged for various allegations. What happens in the end? They are pronounced clean and even rewarded with positions.

Can we really predict the end of the struggle of the Nigerian citizen?

The answer to the above question is multifaceted and requires a collective approach and a deployment of various strategies and measures.

Firstly, the system must be purged if all irregularities. That is, everyone must get what he or she deserves and the law must take it full course irrespective of who is guilty or Innocent.

In further terms, leaders should ensure fairness and equity and a balanced approach to governance. This will make citizens enjoy the dividends of democracy and also give an unalloyed support to the government.

Citizens too must engage in profitable ventures not minding what it takes. This entails been patient and perseverant until the gains are reaped. After all, the period of waiting is always a difficult one not compared the period when one succeeds eventually.

Finally, there should be a reward for creativity and innovation from both the government and week meaning personalities. How beautiful will it be when the various discoveries made by scientists and technologists are adopted towards making our lives better rather than the inventors channelling the inventions abroad where they can be absorbed without much hassle.

Putting all the above into place and more others such as providing will bridge various gaps and will not make the chances of survival slim and impossible like we have always had.

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