Saturday Poll: Can You Handle A Long Distance Relationship?

Hey lovelies,

The weekend is finally here, so let’s shake things up a little! I have a racy question for y’all. Can you handle a long distance relationship?

Most times, it’s not as though we sit down and tell ourselves that we are going to go into a long distance relationship. Sometimes, we enter a long distance relationship because of circumstances. In my own case, I was in a long distance relationship because I went for law school and for one year, I only spoke with my boyfriend over the phone.

But seriously, long distance relationship is hard work. I personally don’t think I can survive that kind of relationship anymore. At least, experience has taught me. Below are some of the problems that are usually associated with long distance relationship;

  • The sense of touch. No matter what people say, nothing can beat this feeling. Even when someone holds your hand or hugs you in assurance, it can change the world. Long distance doesn’t allow it.
  • No physical intimacy possible. This matters, in my opinion.
  • Limited communication. You will only get so much time to be able to talk to one another. Mostly it will be about your days and stuff around it. If you’re truly in love, you can talk about anything, but when you have only so much time on hand, it sucks.
  • Very easy over long-distance. Especially over texts. If I had a penny for every time I heard someone got into a fight because of long distance shit.
    Imagine wasting half of your limited time in untangling your relationship. Yeah, it sucks.
  • Lastly, you’re only sharing memories, not building memories together.

So, yeah, long distance relationship is really not for me anymore.  But what about you? Do you think you can handle long distance relationship with your partner?

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