Putin’s Goal: Invade Western Democracy & Restore Russian Empire

The world was warned about the coming of Putin’s reign to restore the Russian Empire beyond the old Soviet Union. Though Russia is not as wealthy as the Western countries, Putin appealed to some Western greedy instincts by financing their business, giving and promising generous contracts inside Russia. While African countries do worse for greener pastures abroad, like Ajaokuta Steel, Putin does this to capture Western Democracy for the Russian Empire.
All evidence pointing to the breaking of Western alliances were ignored, suppressed and used to elect governments hostile to the building base of Western Democracy: suppression of votes and election of parties with extremist minority votes. Historians and other experts that warned and knew of the consequences were called elitists that were out of touch with the common and working class. Autocracy in any country in the West or East, by any form, must be exposed.
Consequently, emotional issues were capitalized to exploit the fears of the masses and vote against their own interests. Russia watched as their investment to destroy the European Union through Brexit and the election of the extreme wing of conservatives in the United States bore fruit. Indeed, Russia was kicked out of G-8 for their overbearing and authoritative tendencies in neighboring countries.
Yet, the USA almost single handedly wanted Russia readmitted. Germany and other members of G-7 stood against it. The famous picture where leaders of the European Union sat down the President of the United States to educate and put him in his place, demonstrated more resolve than ideology. After losing the Presidential Election in the United States, some still support Putin over their own President. Tolerance in a democracy that could be treason in Russia.
Russia underestimated the people of the United States, hoping more American soldiers would be withdrawn from Europe to reclaim Ukraine without objections. He never anticipated Biden would be elected the President. So he proceeded to reclaim Ukraine as planned under the hands-off policy of the previous American Administration. A complete miscalculation that United NATO and European Union than ever, reminding them of their creation in the first place.
When the Truckers invaded the seat of Power in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to protest the vaccine mandate, the world was surprised. Ninety percent of Canadian truckers were immunized against COVID-19 and the fringe group did not have the support of the Union or most Canadians. Yet, they claimed their protests were against the immunization mandate, and blocked the busiest bridge between Canada and the United States threatening a vital economic lifeline. Not in Canada, eh?
They turned COVID-19 mandate into a political driving force to win elections as in the United States. More bullies from Western countries imitated the Canadian protests. Credit must be accorded to the people of goodwill in Canada that refused to be overwhelmed by these loud bullies. How can anyone expect any country so close to the United States, the most powerful country in the world, not be influenced by the Insurrection at Capitol Hill on January 6 that still divides them?
It turned out the Canadian protests were funded by big political donors from the United States. The same Rebels without a Cause, except to overturn Western Democracy anyway they can; including help from Putin. They are so powerful, they elected President in the United States and Prime Minister in Britain. Russia accomplished both by supporting Brexit in the United Kingdom that shook the European Union. The United States had threatened financial suspension and troop withdrawal from NATO countries.
Time is changing but conservatives hold on to the good old days of subjugation of the minorities and poor countries to make themselves richer. It is as unproductive in the United States, Russia, China as in any other country. You could have heard but not understood the echo of Russia when the former President of the United States wondered out loud that the USA had invaded other countries just like Russia. It is not a big deal to them but competition between world powers dominating weaker nations. China also joined them.
We must not forget that China became a member of the Rich Countries Club and got admitted into the World Trade Organization to spite Russia. Indeed, it was Indira Gandhi the late Prime Minister of India that first cried out that developing countries are not looking for Aids but want equal trading partners. China got wealthy in the Rich Countries Club. The bottom line is, China is not going to jeopardize all their economic gains from Western Democracy just for Russia.
Russia has miscalculated on how much the former United States Administration could have done for them. The danger for Russia’s ambition to recapture the old Empire against economic sanctions from Western countries may increase dependency on China. It is not going to be free for Russia. China will demand it’s pound of flesh back. If Russia does not want to rekindle the old adversarial relationship with China, it must pay.
There are two ways for the richest countries to get wealthy. 1. Exploit the serfs in Europe or Africa’s rich resources by using unfair dealings and disadvantageous relationships. 2. By exclusive trade within the World Trade Organization, the Rich Countries Club. They trade with one another on a fair and equal basis while developing countries are relegated to suppliers of raw materials where finished goods prices are dictated and dumped.
Powerful countries’ traditional way of getting rich is through exploitation of Africa. China has joined the rich countries exploiting the raw materials of Africa in return for finished goods and services. Even some African countries are renegotiating the terms of their agreement with their Western trading partners because China gives them a better deal. Therefore, Russian reliance on China may not be sustainable.
Putin recklessly pushes ahead as if he had Trump in the second term. It has backfired on him, if anything, NATO is united than ever. There are more Western troops around Russia today than Putin wanted. They have alarmed other countries formerly in the Soviet Union and now in NATO like the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, three members of the former Warsaw Pact: Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia, the seventh, Slovenia. Even Non-aligned countries such as Finland, Sweden and Switzerland may now join NATO.

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