President Buhari Welcomes Ramadan Fasting, Asks Muslims To Feed The Poor

President Muhammadu Buhari joins world leaders in welcoming the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting and intense devotion for Muslims.

In a message to Nigerians and Muslims all over the world, the President said the period offers a unique opportunity to “feel the hunger experienced by the poor so as to feel what it is like to be deprived and marginalized.

“Muslims,” the President emphasized “should seek greater personal discipline, which is necessary for the realization of a great nation.”

He advised Muslim elite against food waste and extravagant spending while others face hunger and destitution, urging that they should care for their neighbours, the poor and the marginalized.

He also called for prayers for peace in the country and beyond, and for healing and harmony throughout the world.

He wished all Muslims a successful completion of the 30-day fasting period.

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