Policyholders Are Guaranteed Solid Service Delivery By STI

Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc has informed Nigerians that it will improve its services by using technology in the country’s insurance sector.

At the annual open forum and Thanksgiving brunch retreat held in Lagos, Segun Bankole, the deputy general manager for corporate communication and investor relations, exhorted staff members to intensify their efforts to guarantee client satisfaction.

“We owe customers the obligation to serve them better than ever so that they can keep coming back as we are in business because of them,” Bankole said.

He emphasized that the business would continuously exert all of its efforts to ensure that the staff receives the best human capacity development training available, both domestically and abroad, in order to broaden the workforce’s professional horizons and foster quality and better service delivery. He also exhorted the staff to take advantage of any chance to further their own personal development.

“We are indeed appreciative and look forward to your continued patronage and support in 2023. Be rest assured of our avowed commitment to providing top-notch professional risk advisory services at all times you throw the opportunity our way. We look forward to making your 2023 a memorable, rewarding and fruitful one,” he assured customers.

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