Intoxicating Songs and Sights

I just like to stray into the forest each time l visit the countryside

How I like to immerse myself into its thickness and feel the

awesomeness of Mother Nature surge into my veins

The proximity to a life undiluted intoxicates my spirits

I heed the birds` advice as they sing their happy

harmonies in their charming and chirping ways

Their serenading expertly makes love to my eardrums

I can`t tell you how the creepy reptiles wow me

to no end as they wiggle and  jiggle  in their

amazing fashion to their hazy habitats

I marvel at the beauty of vegetation

and condemn deforestation

in the strongest possible


Birthday Cake Catastrophe

They called it diabolic and shocking

A grisly birthday cake made of her detached leg

The cake artist spent several hours crafting that cake

The leg was credible, with red tattoos dotted on a bloody board

A banner adorned on the base screamed: ‘This is a special happy birthday ‘

The invitees came in droves but upon catching sight of the ghastly cake they quickly

Disappeared. Not even her boyfriend or close relatives wanted to have anything to do with

That cake, let alone eat it. Some of her relatives disowned her yet others just condemned her .She felt like an unwanted outcast and cried hysterically for hours on end without anyone coming to comfort her

Fearing A Darkness Without Leopards

She would never ever feel foreign

For she hoped to rise and reign

Taking on one maniac after another

She fought nobly as a true mother

Her parents had settled in the land

And crowned it their beloved sand

They had faced naked discrimination

Which only served to be her inspiration

Her husband was a son of an immigrant

He always felt people were malignant

He had an abnormal and irrational fear

That saw him carry a hidden light spear

Please Slow down Artificial Chaps!

they say

artificial intelligence is moving faster than humans

and sooner than later it is likely that

robots will be smarter than us


the end of the century—not just at chess or mathematics

or engineering or science and medicine but at everything

they say

there might be a few jobs left for entertainers and writers

but computers will ultimately be able to sequence


and gobble up massive quantities of information and reason

in ways that we humans can only faintly imagine

some say

we should not fear a mere darkness without leopards because

these machines are created by humans and should they fool

themselves by trying to outsmart us at every

corner we simply unplug them!

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