Obi Nnewi

Peter Obi Loves Nigeria More Than All Of Them

Peter Obi is arguably the only Nigerian politician alive with the capacity to set Nigeria on fire, if he hasn’t been deliberate in guarding his speeches and avoiding certain activities.

Peter Obi is no doubt, the overwhelming choice of majority of Nigerians, and the shocking performance he put up in that election wasn’t a fluke, but a demonstration of the genuine love he enjoys across all sections of the country.

He is the only presidential candidate who enjoys as much passionate support from the rank and file of the APC, as he enjoys it in PDP and across all political Parties in Nigeria. He is loved by devout Muslims as he is loved by devout Christians and animists. He is a darling to Fulani Nigerians as he is beloved of all patriotic Yorubas.

From his first day on the campaign trail, he made it clear that he is neither a Christian candidate nor a Southern candidate, he is the candidate of Nigeria and will be the President of all Nigerians.

But, those who stole his freely given mandate are not at peace with the heist, they see Peter Obi’s shadows lurking around them all the time, hence their resort to conjuring all manner of drama and false plays in a futile attempt to whittle down Peter Obi’s popularity and acceptability by Nigerians.

Those creating these fake audios and setting up the airport dramas and those promoting all manner of false narratives are those who purport to have won an election. They are afraid of their shadows, and instead of them to work for a stable polity, they are assiduously creating tension in the polity. They are deliberately laying the grounds for a religious war in the country. They are actively inciting the Muslims to hate Peter Obi and see his candidacy as a war against them.

But Peter Obi’s closest confidante as at now, is one of the most devout and truest Muslims you can find anywhere in Nigeria. Datti Baba-Ahmed is Peter Obi’s closest political confidante and there are millions of Muslims across Nigeria who are ready to lay down their lives to see to the actualization of Peter Obi’s mandate.

It is Peter Obi who has been working to douse the tension. He has taken it as a responsibility to discourage his supporters from taking the laws into their hands, not because he doesn’t know that he was cheated, but because he believes that the unity and stability of Nigeria are more important than anything else.

I would wish that those who robbed Nigerians of their mandate would be a little more responsible and focus on defending their actions in court than resorting to dangerous gimmicks and rhetoric that might plunge this country into a major crisis. Even in their purported and temporary victory, they leave no one in doubt about their bitterness and frustration at their loss.


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