Pastors Are Not Meant To Have Their Tongues In A Lady’s Vagina – How True Is Fani Kayode On This?

Our popular politician and essayist, Fani Kayode recently reacted to the viral video of Pastor Wilson eating a woman’s vagina. According to the politician, there are certain places pastors are not meant to put their tongues and that vaginas are certainly not one of them. Speaking via his Twitter handle, he further described what the pastor was caught doing as ungodly, unacceptable and utterly disgusting.

When I came across this tweet, I chuckled and I kept wondering what makes pastor Wilson’s act ungodly and disgusting. Because he is a pastor?

I think the fact that someone is a minister of God doesn’t in any way mean that the person should have zero skills in the bedroom. I know people all look up to them as per ministers of God but trust me, their ministration ends right there at the alter. Outside, they are just normal men with blood running through their veins and a right to explore as much as they can in the bedroom with their partners.

They have every right to satisfy their partners however they want. Whatever they do inside the bedroom should not be anyone’s business. 

One of my friends who got married to a pastor was telling me the other day that in church, her husband can act all godly and minister the gospel to the congregation but once they step out of the church, everything ends. He doesn’t carry his pastorship to their home, if not, it would be boring. At home, especially in the other room, they explore as much as they can.

It is not like pastors are prohibited from getting married. They have wives. Don’t they owe them a duty to satisfy them sexually? So what makes the act of giving head ungodly and disgusting for pastors? Like which rule states that pastors are not meant to have their tongues inside a lady’s vagina?

I don’t know if I will get married to a pastor but if the universe so wills and I marry a pastor, he should better be up and doing inside the bedroom. Pastorship or no pastorship, his tongue should do wonders when he gets down on me. No one wants to have a boring sex life. 

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