Pastor Vanishes with over 20 church members after urging them to follow him

A pastor in Uganda, Kalibala Samuel has disappeared with over 20 followers from his church, after convincing them to lock their houses and follow him to an unknown destination.

Officers from the Territorial Police in Mityana, Uganda, have been investigating for over a week now the circumstances under which the man of God disappeared with his members.

According to Uganda Police, among the pastor’s members is a family of seven children; Nawmuwaya Jesca, Ssekewa Shakim, 19,  Nampeewo Shifrah, 17, Muteesasira Muhammad aged 10, Ssenabulya Muhammed, 8, Nakintu Angel aged 4 and Uwuzeeye Mable.

Reports also indicate that the pastor and his followers may have switched off their mobile phones to avoid being traced after a family member tried contacting one of the abductees.

 The police statement released reads;

‘’We are meanwhile following leads, after one of the followers established contact with one of her daughters whom she left behind.’’

The Uganda Police has also condemned the pastor’s actions, saying it was unfortunate for him to use methods that are not transparent to control his members.

The statement further reads:

‘’Such conduct has the potential of opening wounds for relatives who lost loved ones during the Kibwetere cult saga in Kanungu.’’

They however have assured relatives whose family members are missing that the search is still ongoing, and hopefully, they will be found. They also promised to bring justice to their family members by bringing all perpetrators to book.

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