Owo Church Massacre: Owo women gather to Summon God of iron against killers

Following the sad news of the mass shooting and bomb attack that happened at St Francis Catholic church in Owo, Ondo state, a group of women in the state were said to have gathered on Tuesday, at Owo town to lay a curse on the perpetrators.

The women who were in their numbers, gathered in the middle of the town forming a circle while laying down their cutlasses, some leaves and herbal concoctions invoked the spirit of Ogun, god of iron to avenge the victims of the massacre.

They believe that the god of iron, Ogun Onire, though ancient, is still able to wage war against the killers and serve the people justice.

The women, when asked, said they were invoking the ancestral spirit of the land to rise and fight against the killers, avenging the death of those lives wasted during the massacre.

According to one of the women, ‘’our ancestors will answer our prayers and those people will regret ever coming to Owo’’.

Recall that the perpetrators bursted into the Catholic Church on Sunday, and shot over 22 people dead while injuring 19 others using explosives.

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